Best Job Ever

wd5I should have written this blog a while back, but as they say, better late than never right?

So a little over a week ago, the Awaken DTS was called together to figure out what our work duties will be. So, we are all standing in a corner, anxiously waiting. They go through kitchen duty, morning duty (my name isn’t called thank goodness) and others until Camera duty is called out. Four names are said, “Austin. Brooke. Julia. And Madison.” Okay, fair enough. Sounds fine! So we go to find our work Duty leader. When we come up to him, he tells us his name is Bernie, so, of course, I immediately call him Uncle B.  Continue reading

Ups and Downs

mapHey guys! So, the other day I got the best news ever!

I learned where I’m going on outreach!! YAY!

I got back from Walmart and my leader, Erica, handed me an envelope. As I opened it, my heart began beating faster than it already was.

What I pulled out was a flag.  Continue reading

The Best Night Ever… Continued.

map7Shani, Ashtyn and I head back to the prayer room and run into Tim, Scotland, and Chris on the way. They explain what is going on so we go in the prayer room and begin praying over their friend, my friends, the people of Awaken, and the campus in general.

Its about 12:30 and I say that I feel like we should leave the prayer room and walk around the campus.

So we do. Continue reading

The Best Surprise Ever.

mapf4So, yesterday, Tuesday, (July 9th) during morning class time Catherine (Leader of this DTS) told us that at six PM we were to be at the tent for a surprise. So generally, we all get excited, thinking “We are going to have a party!” “Maybe there will be a scavenger hunt!” and throwing around different ideas.

The day goes on. We learn our work duties, ( which I’ll tell you about in my next post), hang out, go to the beach, go to the prayer room, etc.

Six o’clock rolls around.

We head to the tent. Continue reading

The day before.

Hey friends and family! This blog is here so that you can walk my journey with me! I will be leaving on July 5th (tomorrow) at 9:30 A.M. for Hawaii! I’m doing a DTS with YWAM Kona for six months! At least every week (hopefully more)  I will write a  bit about what I’ve been going through and doing! I’m really excited.

Today is the day before I leave. It extremely hard to say goodbye to everyone I love so much. Its only noon and I’ve already cried three times. But, I’m getting more excited by the second!


Love you,