The day before.

Hey friends and family! This blog is here so that you can walk my journey with me! I will be leaving on July 5th (tomorrow) at 9:30 A.M. for Hawaii! I’m doing a DTS with YWAM Kona for six months! At least every week (hopefully more)  I will write a  bit about what I’ve been going through and doing! I’m really excited.

Today is the day before I leave. It extremely hard to say goodbye to everyone I love so much. Its only noon and I’ve already cried three times. But, I’m getting more excited by the second!


Love you,


2 thoughts on “The day before.

  1. Love you too my baby girl. You will have so many wonderful stories of friends, fun, God’s greatness and people that you would never have met otherwise. I’ll miss you more than you know but will be praying for you everyday and looking forward to seeing you soon. I’m so proud of you! Love, Mommy

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