It’s not about us finding God, it’s about letting God find us.

YWAM-bwYWAM. Youth With A Mission.

One man had a vision that thousands of young people would be trained and sent into the world to show people the power of God’s love.

Years later, YWAM is enormous with hundreds of bases around the world and still growing. Thousands of people are being sent out to tell other of the good news of God.

I’m now one of them.

I’m doing a DTS (Discipleship Training School) with YWAM Kona, Hawaii. My DTS is called “Awaken”, and OH. MY. GOSH. is it perfect.

Originally, I had not planned on attending this school. We did not decide until about a week before I had to leave. But God wanted me here and now I am and his is working in me.

I’ve been here for five days and yet it feels like one day that has lasted for several years. I’ve already grown so close to all the people here. They are my family now and I still get to be with them for five more months. That sounds like a long time, but it feels like a week.

Ashtyn, you can call her Canada, is an amazingly strong woman of God and one of my best friends. As you can guess from her nickname, she’s from Canada (I know, don’t pity her to much though, strangely, she likes it there) I’ve had the privilege of become so close to her and hearing her testimony. You guys, she’s incredible and I love her so much.

Shani, Tali, Grace, Julius, Tim, Yenni, Caleb, and so many others are also here and I love them all so much. I’m so excited to get to know them more and more over the course of the next few months.

The staff here is incredible. I’ve gotten to sit down with two girls, Charity and Brittany, and y’all, they are so amazing I can’t even explain. There testimonies put together are mine. And I can literally see God’s love, strength, wisdom, glory and grace radiating from their beautiful faces. I feel so comfortable around them and I know I can tell them anything. I’m so grateful to have all the amazing staff here.

God. God. God. I can’t even explain. He’s talked to me so much already, and I’m so hungry to here more. The speakers we’ve had and the themes that have been running through this DTS unplanned are literally perfection. Seriously? Did the leaders back ground check my life, desires, secrets, past and form this DTS around it? It’s amazing.

Dreams. I have dreams. The people around me have dreams. Everyone does. And the things I’ve heard about it make me giddy inside. There’s so much more that I could say on this, but I have to go to dinner so I better speed this up.

The speaker today, Andrew York, said “It’s not about us finding God, it’s about letting God find us.” I desperately want to know God, feel him and find him. But I just have to let him find me. I want to bask and his glory and presence. I want to learn more.

Tonight, I will most likely write another post about what I have been learning and hearing God say, but I really need to go now, so


Love you,


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