The Best Surprise Ever.

mapf4So, yesterday, Tuesday, (July 9th) during morning class time Catherine (Leader of this DTS) told us that at six PM we were to be at the tent for a surprise. So generally, we all get excited, thinking “We are going to have a party!” “Maybe there will be a scavenger hunt!” and throwing around different ideas.

The day goes on. We learn our work duties, ( which I’ll tell you about in my next post), hang out, go to the beach, go to the prayer room, etc.

Six o’clock rolls around.

We head to the tent.

We sit down.

The staff aren’t ready yet.

SO Catherine, being the amazing woman she is, begins to tell us jokes. All the while, behind her, they are getting the tv ready, so we are thinking we are going to watch a movie! (yay) The staff holds a sheet in front of the tv while Cat tells us jokes and we are all anticipating this “fun surprise”.

Finally, they are ready and they drop the sheet.

We are watching a man arranging different objects (pennies, coffee beans, leaves, and other) into words. We have no idea.

Then I hear my friend next to me get really excited and start to shout “OUTREACH LOCATIONS!”

My heart is beating so fast.

We are learning what our outreach locations already!

Best Surprise Ever.

After we see the choices, Cat comes up and tells us we have thirty minutes to pray and write down our first two choices.

OH. MY. GOSH. I wrote down the first two that popped into my head and left the tent, heart beating fast, eyes watering, face contorted in excitement.

I meet some of my friends outside and we all freak out, telling each other our choices and talking about how excited we are to hear where we get put.

So excited.

Can’t wait.



love you,


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