The Best Night Ever… Continued.

map7Shani, Ashtyn and I head back to the prayer room and run into Tim, Scotland, and Chris on the way. They explain what is going on so we go in the prayer room and begin praying over their friend, my friends, the people of Awaken, and the campus in general.

Its about 12:30 and I say that I feel like we should leave the prayer room and walk around the campus.

So we do.

We start at the flag poles, which is where there’s a big circle of flags, each one representing a nation. With each nation’s flag shown, there is someone on the campus who is from there.

So we decide to walk around it praying seven times.

Then we run, because we all can.

When we are done we get together and pray and thank God for what He has already done. After that, Scotland asks where we should go next, and we all automatically say “Shani.” and we turn to her. She looks back, surprised, but says “I think we should go to the food court, because I think God wants to birth a new hunger in all of our lives.

We head there, all really excited about what God is going to do. I swear, we were a bit drunk. We are running through tables, jumping on chairs, dancing in the kitchen, and all the while praying over the place and the people. We were laughing so much, at nothing. Then we all agree that next we should go to the Ohana court. Which is the place where everyone, all the schools, staff, and people not even in YWAM currently, come together for worship and prayer and to listen to speakers. So we begin to walk around, praying for the place and for all the people that will step foot in the room. I lay in the middle of the floor and pray for unity.

We need unity because we all feel something spiritual going on. Something demonic.

I then walk the room, praying for God to rain is love, peace, and presence down on us.

We all agree to head to the tent next. The entire Awaken DTS meets in the tent everyday for our classes. So, we leave the Ohana Court, and as soon as we step foot outside, it begins pouring rain. So we run into the tent.

Darkness. Its so evident. We can feel it so strong as soon as we step foot in the tent. There’s definitely something demonic going on.

I’m terrified, so, naturally, I walk to the left, in the direction that terrifies me the most.

If you get easily scared, or if it’s night time, or if you get uncomfortable easily, stop reading now. Seriously.

Alright those of you who are still reading, I’m walking across the front of the tent, and the air is growing colder and heavier. I round the side and look in front of me.

There, sitting in a chair not far from me, is a demon.

An actually demon. Sitting in the chair. A demon you guys, a few feet from me. It turns it’s head to look at me.

I don’t know what to do.

So I run straight at it.

Logical right? Isn’t that what you would do?

As I get closer I can’t see it anymore, but now I can’t movie. I start yelling “It’s over here! There’s a demon over here!” So Scotland comes running over. He’s very sensitive to the spiritual world, so he begins freaking out. Later, he tells me he sees the demon jump from the chair and attack me. He begins to pray, rebuking the demon back to hell. Now, Shani and Ashtyn are over. Shani comes and says “It’s a spirit of Impurity.” And immediately, her legs give out and she starts to fall. Scotland grabs her and puts her in a chair.

The demon is gone, but the spirit is still there. It’s still dark and the air is still heavy and cold. Shani’s legs literally feel like stone, cold and brittle. She looks up and says “Guys, let’s not pray, let’s just declare the name of Jesus over everything.” So we do, we touch every single chair, pole, microphone, broken crate, (Earlier in the day, we broke crates to signify breaking walls) everything and say Jesus. Everything in the room is touched and been declared over by the name of Jesus.

But the spirit is still there. So we decide that we have authority over these demons, but we need people who have authority over us. So we pray over which staff members to go get.

So we leave, and go get Isaac and Charity out of their beds at three in the morning. We explain everything from the healing’s to what happened in the tent and they start to get excited about what God was doing.

We all head back to the tent. Isaac turns on the lights and some worship music and we all begin praying. We touch things and declare Jesus. We pray in tongues. We pray for one another. We pray for the people that will be sitting in the room for a short few hours. We worship and rebuke the devil. We are all wide awake from the crazy night, not wanting to sleep. But all at once, a peace falls over the room and we all slump in chairs, exhaustion catching up to us. We sit for a bit, the worship music playing and the peace settled on us. Then we began to thank God and laugh.

God has done so much, and there’s no way I can explain to you everything that happened.

We head to bed, and all fall asleep instantly at five A.M., knowing we have to be awake in an hour and a half. (except shani who had to take a shower and be at work duty in 15 minutes)

He answered prayers that night. He did amazing things and encountered us in new ways. It was amazing.

It was The Best Night Ever.

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