The Best Night Ever

map8“Where have you been?” I asked Shani as she walked into our room at 11:30 P.M.

“We just had an awesome prayer session. It was awesome guys, I was prophesied over and I heard so much from God.” She answered me, her face glowing with excitement.

I looked back at her, wishing I had been there. “Really?” I said, excited for her, “I want to be prophesied over.”

As one, Shani and Ashtyn exclaimed, saying “Let’s go! We can go to the prayer room now!”


Ashtyn nods, starting to get excited herself. I agree and the three of us headed out to the prayer room.

That’s how the night started… kinda. Let me give you some other information before I go on to tell you why this was the best night ever.

Earlier that night, Shani had been out with friends and were praying. They ended with praying for the people of awaken, for the campus and our sessions. She left, expecting the night to be over. It so wasn’t.

Shani, Ashtyn and I head down to the prayer room, trying our hardest to be quiet, because it was quiet time on the campus.

We get to the prayer room and we all go our separate ways, immediately diving into God’s presence. I sit down and begin praying, laying down what was bothering me at God’s feet. I was apologizing, and feeling awful for something that I shouldn’t have been. Instantly after that, Ashtyn walks up to me and begins to tell me something God had spoke to her. She began to tell me this vision she had of me and she told me what God was saying. It was so perfect. He literally spoke to me through Ashtyn, telling me exactly what I needed to here. She spoke truth over me.

Then she pulled me over to Shani.

Okay guys, Two weeks ago I was out in our barn working out with my sisters. Me, being the stupid girl I am;), drop the bar on my foot and fracture it. I had been having to wear a boot.

A couple nights before this Wednesday we had a prayer service and people were getting healed. I was uneasy, not liking the idea and thinking that it’s awesome for other people, but God wouldn’t heal me.

You guys, He did.

I bent my toe, got up, jumped, and we all began to freak out. So, we went outside, so we could be louder and we could run around. I could run, and Ashtyn wanted to, so we prayed for her asthma.

She ran with me.

While all this is happening, some of our guy friends are having a crazy night of there own. Some stuff was going down on the base and one of their friends needed prayer and so they were doing that.

God spoke to me. He prophesied over my life. He healed me. He healed Ashtyn. He was working in other areas.

Little did we know, the night was just starting.

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