Ups and Downs

mapHey guys! So, the other day I got the best news ever!

I learned where I’m going on outreach!! YAY!

I got back from Walmart and my leader, Erica, handed me an envelope. As I opened it, my heart began beating faster than it already was.

What I pulled out was a flag. 

An Amsterdam flag!!

I’m going to Amsterdam. So the next step is to meet my team. So, I head to the cafe where there is seven other girls waiting. My team. We are all girls. At first I was uneasy about this, but the more I sat on it, the more excited I became.

We headed to the tent, where all the teams met up. We could hear the music playing. As we walked in, we saw a curtain in the front, and fists were pumping from behind. These are our leaders.

Everyone is freaking out. We start a dance party, run to our friends to figure out where they are going, and get more excited about figuring out who our leaders will be.

Finally, we hear Cat’s voice radiate through the tent. She tells us she’s going to introduce all the teams and our leaders will come out from behind the curtain to meet their team. So one by one, teams go up and freak out when their leaders run from behind.

Then Amsterdam is called.

We all go up. I’m scared, thinking that I will get staff members whose name I don’t really know and I’m not to close to.

Then I look up, and Charity and Annie are running out to meet us.

I want to cry.

No way.

We scream, hug, dance.

Then we go to the side so the next group can meet their leaders. When all have been introduced, we have a dance party. Then our teams split up to get to know each other and talk about outreach.

As I’m sitting at the table with our all girls team, I’m thinking. I get to go to Amsterdam, where I actually wanted to go. I get the best leaders ever. How did this happen? I figured I’d end up going somewhere I didn’t want to go.

Then I hear God whisper, “I like to make you happy.”

My view is completely changed. God is a powerful God. He puts us out of our comfort zones and all of us as Christians will not have easy lives.

But he still likes to make us happy. He cares about us and what we care for.

That was the Up part of the week. Now the Down.

This weekend has been hard for one main reason.

Homesickness has hit me.

I’m even tearing up a little just writing this, because I’m thinking of my friends and family. I miss my sisters, my mom and dad. It’s hard, and I’m begging God to birth a new joy in me. And I know he will. It’s not going to be easy, but at least I’m blessed enough to have a home and a family to miss.

So, that’s my news from this week!!

Love you all.



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