Best Job Ever

wd5I should have written this blog a while back, but as they say, better late than never right?

So a little over a week ago, the Awaken DTS was called together to figure out what our work duties will be. So, we are all standing in a corner, anxiously waiting. They go through kitchen duty, morning duty (my name isn’t called thank goodness) and others until Camera duty is called out. Four names are said, “Austin. Brooke. Julia. And Madison.” Okay, fair enough. Sounds fine! So we go to find our work Duty leader. When we come up to him, he tells us his name is Bernie, so, of course, I immediately call him Uncle B. 

I’m automatically super excited for this work duty. He shows us around, takes us to an AIR CONDITIONED booth, shows us the computers, chords, TVs, and cameras. It’s all so exciting! This is actually close to what I want to do in the future, NO WAY. I’m not cleaning toilets. This is just another way God is showing me he likes me and cares about what I cares about. Yes things are difficult, it’s definitely not been easy here, but God still likes to make us happy.

wd4So Thursday rolls around, and on Thursday night is Ohana Court. Basically this is just a time when everyone on base, and people who want to come and arent on base, come to the Ohana court for a time or worship, a message, and prayer.

Our job is important for these nights, and Monday morning worship. We are not only in charge of all the media, and filming for the screen, but we are also in charge of the live video of the meeting.

My main job is working the floor camera, although today I did Camera 1 up top, (I prefer the floor) and I LOVE it. I’m also hoping to direct it soon.

I’m already close with my team. I love them so much and we have so much fun together. I’m so thankful for this work duty and I’m excited for many days to come.

Love you all



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