Last day of class…. STOP IT.

last day of classFriday, September 13, our last day of Class. We had the privilege of hearing Andy Byrd speak to us.

His message was more than amazing.


Stop complaining. Stop with unbelief. Stop giving 75%.

This is not a christian tour trip. We are planting seed that could change eternity for someone. -Andy Byrd.

One of the first thinks Andy said to us, was that he was going to give us the message no one wanted to hear so we could have the outreach that everyone wants to have.

And he did. His message was amazing, but also convicting.

You can’t live in one place. If you stay in the nest forever, when are you ever going to fly? You are missing out on the entire world God has out there for you. Basically, we just need to get over ourselves and jump out of the nest.  Stop watering down the truth. The bible is not uncensored. God does not spoon feed us our entire life. This is real life. And we need to grow, accept criticism and work on it.

This is something that is so hard for me. And I know I’m not the only one.

But the truth is, The lost are dying. Get off the floor, stop living in your sin, and save the lost.

I believe God loves me so I need to let Him speak truth into my life. I need to let him correct me.

The main illustration that Andy used was a “Swirl.”

A swirl is getting wrapped up in stupid stuff and acting like an idiot. (harsh? yes.. but true, for me and you) And we want to laugh at the swirl and execute it.

These are the main five swirls we are stuck in. I know I’m in all of them a lot of the time.

1) Relational Swirl.

Pretty explanatory.. This lies in subtle messages, such as texting, flirtatiousness, crude humor, and using your emotions to control others.

Do we not all struggle with this one at some point? I know I do..

The opposite of this one is cultural honor.

2) Swirl of non-participation or the Eeyore Swirl

People who get caught up in this one seem to always be rooted in self pity. They sometimes turn corporate worship and prayer into a quiet time.

The way to fight this swirl is through volunteering.

3) I know better than my leaders

It doesn’t matter if you do know better, they are still your leaders and you are on the same team anyways! We are all on a team with God, how cool is that?

Humility is a huge aspect when fighting this swirl.

4) Techno Swirl

This one is a big one, especially for our generation. Just look around when hanging out with people, who is on their phone? probably most everyone..

Now I’m not judging anyone, because this is a biggy for me, and if you know me you are probably laughing right now…. because you know that’s true..

Although I did just think of this, you’re on a piece of technology reading this aren’t you? I’m just kidding… but this one is big.

When in this swirl, we are often missing out on the fullness of what God has for us.

To oppose this one, be focused and present.

5) Swirl of offense.

this is actually the second time a speaker has talked about offense. Last time it was on an un-offendable heart, which was also convicting. But I think we all get offended super easily. We’ve let our skin grow thin. Man up and laugh at yourself then stop it.


I love that… Andy said that over and over and it has become so rememberable in our school.


The point of this message was this… Annihilate the swirl, and become swirl proof. God has so much more out there for us than a swirl or a nest.


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