Justin-Bieber-670x391Below is my Response to this post.

I’m so glad someone took the time to write this. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Who are we to judge and condemn people who live how Justin lives? We have NO idea what it is like. They try and all they get is crap, and from who, a lot of christians. And that is just scary to me. Is that the message we are sending? What of those kids, including me, who feel LEAD to people like this? Who’s talents lay in this part of the world? I spent YEARS scared half to death to tell people that I wanted to act and write, why? Because I thought everyone around me would think that’s sinful, prideful, selfish and basically self destruction. I don’t doubt that living in that life is hard, in fact that’s just my point. It IS hard, so who are we to say that if we weren’t in the exact same position as Justin than we would do any better? We don’t know him personally, so stop acting like you do. We don’t have a right to hate on someone we don’t know. Our job is to love. To encourage, not judge. It breaks my heart that some young christians think they can’t follow their dreams because of their beliefs, to me that’s reason enough TO follow them. So be as good as you can be and don’t settle, don’t conform. I seriously love this post, and I encourage you to read it.

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