I know You’re there

I know You are there God.

I know this to be a fact.

But sometimes, just sometimes I wonder.

When I talk to people who don’t know you, one of the first questions they ask is always, “If God does exist, why is there so much evil in the world?” I always respond with something along these lines, “God gave us a choice as humans. When that fruit was eaten in the garden, sin entered the world.” Yadayada we all know the spiel. It’s not God, it’s sin. It’s our choices and freewill. It’s satan, the enemy. I’m not going to get in to that, but the point it, I always HAVE AN ANSWER.  Continue reading

I promise I’m not an airhead.

11312634_10204163180511682_7682084179501694258_oIf you knew me when I was a kid, then you are most likely surprised that I joined a sorority when I came to college. I was that girl that would cry when my mom told me to wear a dress. I wanted to buy ALL of my clothes out of the boys department. I absolutely hated pictures, and music, and princesses, and anything my sisters loved. (Sorry guys…) I really could not have been more of a tom boy. Continue reading

Maybe I’m A Playwright.

I’m proud of this one.

I've lived a thousand lives


(Two girls walking. Both are age sixteen.)


I heard you got second this last weekend! That’s amazing!


Thanks! It was awesome! I got my best time yet. Wish you could have been there though.


Yeah me too. Sorry I wasn’t.


It’s fine! Sarah did all right in your place, but no one is as good as The Great Alyssa. How are you feeling?


Much better, thanks. I’m not sure what it was.


Probably just a stomach bug.


Well I’m glad you’re better. Just don’t make me sick.

(Girls laugh. Boy walks by.)


Hey Bean.


Brian! Hey.


How are you? Heard you medaled in this weekend’s competition.


Yeah, it was no big deal.


Oh that’s not what I hear. Apparently you were the best one out there. I wish I could have seen it…

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“Sincerely, Your friends.” -Part One

I've lived a thousand lives

The silence is broken by high pitch screaming in the distance. I recognize that scream. I start to jump up, but common sense takes over and I curl back up into my ball. “Ten minutes.” I whisper to myself. Ten minutes and I’ll be safe again. Ten minutes and I can return to my search. There’s nothing I can do for the next ten minutes. So I sit. I sit and wait.  Sweat drips down my brow. I slow my breathing and close my eyes. I do everything I can to stay hidden. But I know it’s useless. There’s no hiding.

~one week earlier~

Laughter pours out of my mouth, but my stomach lacks the bubbly feeling it brings. A wide smile is painted on my face, but my cheeks feel no warmth. A wall of happiness builds up around me, yet I feel no joy. I look around at…

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Evermore by Alyson Noel

Harsh, but true.

I've lived a thousand lives

You know how when you have a bruise, you keep poking it just to see if it still hurts? Or if you have a cavity and you keep sucking air in, even though it’s super painful? Yeah, that is what reading this book is like. It hurts. It’s honestly physically painful to read this book, and yet I kept reading. I don’t know why? Maybe I thought I owed it to the author to at least suffer to the ending? Maybe I thought it would eventually be good-excpet no. Or maybe I’m just annoyingly stubborn so I forced myself to read it. In one sitting.
The story is so immature that it took me a grand total of about two hours to read the entire book. The story line is nonexistent and the writing was just awful. It’s a total rip off and the pace couldn’t have been faster…

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This can’t be right…

11312634_10204163180511682_7682084179501694258_oEverybody has expectations. We have expectations about how delicious our evening meal will be and high expectations for that new movie. We assume that our family vacation is going to be the best one yet. We expect to look like a supermodel after three weeks of sporadic exercising. (All the while sneaking cookies before bed) We expect to wake up early and be productive and go to sleep earlier than we did the night before. We assume that we won’t be asked about our non-exsistant significant other this year at the family holidays. (Thanks grandpa…) It doesn’t matter what it is, we will have expectations about it. Sometimes our expectations will be met, but usually the reality is much different. Continue reading