Evermore by Alyson Noel

Harsh, but true.

I've lived a thousand lives

You know how when you have a bruise, you keep poking it just to see if it still hurts? Or if you have a cavity and you keep sucking air in, even though it’s super painful? Yeah, that is what reading this book is like. It hurts. It’s honestly physically painful to read this book, and yet I kept reading. I don’t know why? Maybe I thought I owed it to the author to at least suffer to the ending? Maybe I thought it would eventually be good-excpet no. Or maybe I’m just annoyingly stubborn so I forced myself to read it. In one sitting.
The story is so immature that it took me a grand total of about two hours to read the entire book. The story line is nonexistent and the writing was just awful. It’s a total rip off and the pace couldn’t have been faster…

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