“Sincerely, Your friends.” -Part One

I've lived a thousand lives

The silence is broken by high pitch screaming in the distance. I recognize that scream. I start to jump up, but common sense takes over and I curl back up into my ball. “Ten minutes.” I whisper to myself. Ten minutes and I’ll be safe again. Ten minutes and I can return to my search. There’s nothing I can do for the next ten minutes. So I sit. I sit and wait.  Sweat drips down my brow. I slow my breathing and close my eyes. I do everything I can to stay hidden. But I know it’s useless. There’s no hiding.

~one week earlier~

Laughter pours out of my mouth, but my stomach lacks the bubbly feeling it brings. A wide smile is painted on my face, but my cheeks feel no warmth. A wall of happiness builds up around me, yet I feel no joy. I look around at…

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