I promise I’m not an airhead.

11312634_10204163180511682_7682084179501694258_oIf you knew me when I was a kid, then you are most likely surprised that I joined a sorority when I came to college. I was that girl that would cry when my mom told me to wear a dress. I wanted to buy ALL of my clothes out of the boys department. I absolutely hated pictures, and music, and princesses, and anything my sisters loved. (Sorry guys…) I really could not have been more of a tom boy.

And now, years later I am a freshmen in college and I am in a sorority.

What is the first thing that comes to your head when you think about a sorority? Airhead? Jerk? Slut? Goodie-too-shoos? Stuck up? Spoiled? I know! I bet you picture a pretty girl with “I-just-rolled-out-of-bed” hair that took two hours to fix, wearing a ton of makeup, shorts, a big t-shirt and Uggs. Am I right?

Sadly, I probably am. And the funny thing is, most of the time, sorority girls don’t fit in that stereotype. Okay, so my sorority isn’t technically greek, but a ton of my friends are in greek sororities. And I think I may have met one girl that was wearing the “sorority girl clothes” and that’s because she was tired and lazy… Sometimes I wear it too and I am not ashamed. That doesn’t mean we are airheads or that we think we are better than you.

I’m in a sorority and I promise I’m not an airhead. Before college, I had a negative look to the greeks, (thanks to Sydney White… I love that movie) and now I wish I could take back all the things I said. I hate stereotypes.

Not all girls suck at sports. Not all guys are messy and stupid. Not all Americans are obese and lazy. Not all African-Americans are amazing athletes. Not all mexicans are illegal immigrants. Muslims are not terrorists. (get over that one, I’ve met some and they are extremely nice, respectful people) Not all Irish people are constantly drunk. Not all white girls love Starbucks (<- I admit that one is mostly true. It is in my case and I’m okay with that.)

Stereotypes exist because there is some truth to them, but only SOME. I’m not speaking for every single sorority girl, because I know some of them do fit into that stereotype, but you won’t know that until you get to know them. Stereotypes are hurtful and most of the time, untrue. I’m beginning to realize how awful they really are. Just because someone belongs in a “certain category” does not mean you should bundle everyone in the category together. Get to know the individual. Don’t tell them who they are. Let them tell you.

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