I know You’re there

I know You are there God.

I know this to be a fact.

But sometimes, just sometimes I wonder.

When I talk to people who don’t know you, one of the first questions they ask is always, “If God does exist, why is there so much evil in the world?” I always respond with something along these lines, “God gave us a choice as humans. When that fruit was eaten in the garden, sin entered the world.” Yadayada we all know the spiel. It’s not God, it’s sin. It’s our choices and freewill. It’s satan, the enemy. I’m not going to get in to that, but the point it, I always HAVE AN ANSWER. 

And I don’t question my answer.

But no christian is a perfect christian. We all have doubts.

Why is there so much evil in the world?

Why do so many people die?

Why is there so much evil and sickness and death?

I’m not asking for a real answer. I know the facts but lately it’s just been… hard.

A friend of mine has been in the hospital for a couple days. We aren’t like best friends close but I do love her and hate to see her in pain. I know that she is an amazing girl and doesn’t deserve to be going through this and I just want her to be okay.

Another friend of mine was just in an awful car crash along with the rest of her family. They were hit by a drunk driver and thankfully they all made it out alive but are still suffering from serious injuries. This makes me pissed.

How stupid do you have to be?

Shattered dreams was going on this week in my hometown. Every four years, to raise awareness of driving under the influence, “Drug Free Greenville” puts on shattered dreams. They stage a car accident using students from our high school. People “die” and go to jail for DUI. It’s an intense process that feels real to all of us close to those who have “died”. It makes this issue come to life.

This morning a friend of mine was telling me about a young girl, TEN YEARS OLD, who was kidnapped, shot and killed.


God, I know You’re there. I know there is evidence of you and currently I’m just seeing evidence of the enemy but it still makes me think. Why does this have to happen?

As I write this I feel like a terrible christian. I hesitate pressing the “Publish Post” button because I don’t want people to know I had these thoughts. But why would I feel like that?

We all have doubts, but that’s when we have to remind ourselves of the truth we know.

I know You’re there God. And I will never forget it.



Credit to Leea Bean. Check out her blog, her most recent one gave me the inspiration for this. It’s amazing! The link is below.


1 thought on “I know You’re there

  1. yep, we all have those thoughts. I just typed a couple of things that I have to do when I get to that place but I deleted it. Because I know God is bigger than my attempts to try and aleve your doubts. He can handle it. And he cares.

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