Modest Midwest Adventure.

travel“Through the world in which I travel I am endlessly creating myself.” – I have no idea who said this, I just found it on pinterest (thank you, internet) and it has quickly become one of my favorite quotes.

For those of you who know, my first goal in life is to travel. To go somewhere I’ve never been, to meet people I wouldn’t have known if I had never gotten on that bus, drove that car, or boarded that plane. If I could travel for a living, I would. It’s my breath, lifeline, addiction.

My latest adventure was closer to home than previous ones, but still so valuable.

Kansas City.

One of my oldest friends, my best friend from years ago, moved up when she graduated high school. It’s her city and I love how much she loves it. Our other childhood bestie packed up and headed to A&M. The three of us hadn’t been together in… YEARS.

Somehow, someway, we ended up together again in a new, bigger and better city. Alicia (the Aggie) and I drove up and moved in with Larissa (the newest member of the Missouri family) for the coming summer. I had no plan, but I didn’t care.

11061183_10204343656578314_7516641332188725994_nI ended up spending pretty much every single day at a coffee shop (Kansas City is a gold mine for those) writing, reading, and working online for my incredible oldest sister. Living the dream, really. Like I said, all I want to do is travel… and write. That’s exactly what I did.

I met tons of really cool, unique people. I was able to spend hours in the IHOP 24/7 prayer room, digging into the word and rediscovering who I am in the Lord. I stared at a screen, writing and doing mindless work for hours a day (really, the dream). I even got a cat.

His name is Matty Murdock Healy. (THE FIRST NAME CAME WITH THE CAT. NO, I mattyDID NOT NAME MY CAT AFTER MYSELF.) He has an instagram you can and should check out, mattymurdockthecat. He’s adorable and the three of us are obsessed with him, as we should be.

It’s been a wonderful summer but I’m excited for the next chapter

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