Growing Into Life After Home

Growing up means many different things. More experience, more responsibility, more places to see and people to meet. It means figuring out the world for yourself. It means discovering how the world works and how you can work it. It means figuring out who people are versus who they say they are.

It means figuring out who you are.

The morning you wake up in your parents’ house, pack a bag, and leave is the morning you start a journey. As cliché as that sounds, it’s true. Life isn’t the same outside the walls of your childhood home as it was inside. Every city is not like the one you grew up in. People are vastly different from what you came to know. And now you have to figure it all out for yourself.

You step out of the bubble you were in. Hopefully, you’ll still have people to come back to, parents or guardians to talk to for advice and process what you’re discovering with. Maybe the beliefs you grew up with will stick with you, but not after some trial and error.

Now is the time to figure out what you think and figure out who you are. You’re no longer able to say, “This is my opinion but only because it’s the opinion I heard my parents talking about.” “I’m going to vote for this candidate because that’s who my parents are voting for.” “The foundation of my beliefs are (fill in the blank) but only because that’s what I was told it should be.”

The world no longer works that way.

And this is a good thing.

Figure everything out for yourself. Maybe in the end it will still align with what you were taught but it will be stronger now because it’s been put to the test of experience and growing up.

Through this you’ll change, you’ll grow and discover things about yourself. This is the best and scariest part of growing up.

You now get to be who you are. Not who you think you need to be or who you were told you are or who you are afraid of being. You are you.

And that’s beautiful.

Growing up means you get to figure out where your piece of the puzzle fits and soon you’ll start to see the picture coming together.

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