Dear Christians,

sisterYou’re supposed to be “the light” not “the Facebook political advocate for things that will invalidate groups of people and turn them away from the gospel”. Be gracious, generous, loving and accepting.

Stop fighting among yourselves. No you are not doing Christianity “right” because you’re Baptist or Church of Christ or protestant or catholic or non-denom. You are just doing it one way. Everyone works differently. Everyone praises differently. While one person may thrive in having freedom to move around and raise hands and dance, another may feel overwhelmed and turned away. Contrarily, while one my feel stifled by structure, another may feel safe and at home. Help your fellow sisters and brothers find where they fit and stop yelling that your way is the only way and the “correct” way. It’s just ONE way. We are supposed to be one whole family, not a bunch of small ones that are constantly fighting. Love each other and build each other up.

Arguments, hatred, judgment and condemnation are all to present in our world, especially within the Christian community. Conversations, differences in belief and disagreements are okay, just not when they become most important. Or when you make things out to be a deciding factor for someone’s salvation and relationship with Jesus. Just because someone may have a different opinion than you doesn’t mean they’re definitely wrong. Maybe they are wrong, but maybe you are too. Both of your opinions very well could be valid or even true. You will never know for sure. When it comes to your faith or interpretations of the bible or values based on the bible, conviction from the Holy Spirit is key. It’s almost all individual. Where something may be wrong for you it may not be for them and vise versa. You have to know when to step back and let it be a heart issue and between them and God. Never judge or assume based on a life style, opinion, hair color, piercing, or conviction. Stop thinking you’re better and there’s only one way to live. Different people have different walks and experience things differently. Never tell someone how to live. That’s not your place. Ever. Never assume someone isn’t actually a Christian because they have a different belief on something. There is not a Christian guideline so stop trying to write one.

Love everyone, isn’t that the point? Love and live YOUR life. Stop telling others the way they live is wrong. (Of course sometimes this doesn’t apply but be smart about this and please please PLEASE have a strong, built up and trusting relationship with them.)


Anyone feeling yelled at or cast away.


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