Vocabulary lesson

vocabulary Invalidate

verb. To make (an argument, statement, or theory) unsound or erroneous. To negate, disprove, discredit, undermine.

Invalidate, a word meant to be used during arguments, a word used in the professional world. A word to describe the act of making someone’s argument no longer credible.

Invalidate, a word that has been violently torn away from its original purpose and put in the hands of those meaning to use it for harm. A word with a simple meaning being twisted and torn and blended until it has become something it is not. A word meant to be used as medicine now given out as poison.


Verb. To make one no longer be of use. To make one be worthless, uninvolved, unneeded. To ignore the facts and act based solely on emotions. To use as one’s advantage against another based solely on your opinion and not the truth.

Raise your hand if you have ever felt invalidated.


This word is used all to often now-a-days.

Unfortunately, people have begun invalidating each other based on meaningless things. NO ONE should ever feel invalidated. That is not a feeling that was meant to be had by… well almost everyone. Invalidate an ARGUMENT, not a person.

Let’s stop invalidating people’s words and opinions, and the people themselves, because they haven’t been through as much as you. Let’s stop assuming someone doesn’t know what they’re talking about based on their age and experience or lack there-of. Let’s stop invalidating someone’s feelings based on their actions or their personality or hell, their gender. Let’s stop invalidating someone’s profession because of their beliefs. Let’s stop invalidating someone’s wisdom and experiences because they have different beliefs than you. Let’s stop invalidating someone’s person because it makes you feel better.


Adj. A word not meant to be used to describe a person.

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