Don’t dream it, be it.

10599634_10205180568300584_4567363331679933899_nHAPPY HALLOWEEN! I hope your days are filled with candy, scares, friends and awesome costumes.

I love Halloween. It’s one of my favorite holidays. I love the food, weather, traditions and genre of movies. I love horror movies and haunted houses. I don’t mind paying to be scared, I crave the adrenaline.

But Halloween is not complete without The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

I first saw this movie two or three years ago. It wasn’t appropriate for me to watch it any sooner. But now it’s one of my favorite movies. It’s so beyond strange. It’s dated. It has plots that just… don’t make sense. The characters are ridiculous. The costuming is extreme. It’s risqué. And it’s a classic. If you’ve never seen Rocky Horror, then go watch it. IF you have an idea of what you’re walking into and if you’re old enough. It’s not a movie for children.

Why do I love this movie so much? Why do so many people, young and old, love this movie? Why is it a classic?

Tuesday night I went to a Rocky Horror showing with a friend of mine. You were meant to dress up in an appropriate costume (the costume winner was wearing nothing but small gold shorts) and bring props (toast, toilet paper, newspaper, flashlights, ect.) Rocky Horror showings are not like any other movie night. You are not expected to be silent, in fact you’re expected to talk, specifically say specific words at specific times. You throw bread crumbs in the air and hold a newspaper over your head. You sing along (LETS DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN!)

The atmosphere is loud, crazy, excited. The place is full of Rocky Horror fanatics. You can be wild and not worry because there will be someone there who is wilder. You are suddenly a part of a very passionate community.

So what is it about Rocky Horror that creates this community?

The show is risqué and sexual, there’s no denying that. There are warnings going into the show and it has a bit of a shock factor to it, but I don’t think this is why people love it so much. There’s a spirit to Rocky Horror that pulls people in and speaks to them. It’s a movie about being yourself. Step outside of the culture norm, shed labels, and be who you are. Break societies rules and do your own thing. People need to know they aren’t freaks, or at least they are but it’s okay. You don’t have to fit in a cookie cutter.

. You can have fun with life. You don’t have to take everything so seriously.

Just jump up, smile, and do the time warp.

(Disclaimer: I do not agree with every thing in this movie. I notice aspects of the show that are risqué and I understand the high rating of the movie. I don’t think everything in it is okay… like murder.)

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