Road Trip Fun

12309556_10205343765340408_6114873149955587314_oUniversity is a five hour drive from home for me. I mean, that’s not too bad, but every time I make a trip home, be it for a wedding, holiday, or just a break from school, I’m in the car for at least ten hours.

On top of that, I’ve made drives to Kansas City multiple times, Colorado, and Chicago, soon, hopefully. The point is, I’m in the car a lot. I’ve spent hours, days, weeks of my life in the car. I jam out to music, I listen to podcasts and audio books, and I call long-distance friends. But when I’m with other people, and we are finally tired of our road trip tunes, sometimes we have to get creative to have some fun. 

Following are some Road Trip Games I have come to love:

  • “MY COW!”
    • 10/10 would recommend
    • Number of players: 2+
    • Rules: When you see a cow, or a herd, you must yell “My Cow!” Whoever yells it first, gets one point. Cows are separated by fences, so if there are 200 cows all in one pasture, it counts as one. If you see a church, you yell “My church!” Your cows all then get married to other cows and your number doubles. When you see a cemetery, yell “My cemetery!” and all the other players’ cows die, giving them 0. (Will once did this to me when I had almost 47,000 cows. I was not happy.) When you see a cop, you yell…. “My cop!” (wow, what a surprise, am I right?) Here, you have a choice. You can either use your cop as protection from cemeteries for ten minutes, or your cop can arrest the other players’ cows, and they cannot be doubled for ten minutes.
    • Hint: Be strategic with your cop. And don’t get cocky. A couple of buried people and you’re done.
  • The alphabet game
    • 8/10 would recommend
    • Number of players: 2+
    • Rules: You find letters outside in alphabetical order (A! B! C!…) and whoever gets to Z first, wins. You cannot use letters in your car. You cannot use a letter someone else has already used.
    • Hint: Take advantage of license plates, they’re good for the hard letters like Q and X.
  • Catch Phrase
    • 9/10 would recommend
    • Number of players: 4+ (can be played with 2)
    • Rules: There’s an app for this one, but it is not needed. It’s simple. You split into teams and go in a circle, team A first, then B, then A, ect. You must describe a word (given to you by the other team) to your teammates. You have 45 seconds (time may vary) to get as many words as possible. You cannot rhyme or point (You cannot point at Phyllis’s green shirt to get her to guess green shirt. Come on.)
    • Hint: If you don’t know the word or phrase, do it word by word. (Two words. First word is a sound a gun makes when it goes off. “POP!” Second is a type of yellow vegetable that comes on a cob. “Corn!”)
  • I spy
    • 9/10 would recommend
    • Number of players: 2+
    • Rules: Do you really need this part? Did you have a child hood? “I spy, with my little eye…. something GREEN!” “Phyllis’s green shirt!” “Yeah…” Wow, Little Johnny, you suck at this game.
    • Hint: Don’t choose anything outside of the car. Don’t go with the obvious, like Phyllis’s awful green shirt.
  • Name that Tune
    • 10/10 would recommend
    • Number of players: 3+
    • Rules: One person sings/hums/whistles a mystery song. Everyone else guesses the song and artist, a point for each correct guess. The winner gets to be the singer for the next round. Themes for each game is suggested (show tunes, boy bands, ect)
    • Hint: Don’t be self-conscious about your humming voice. These are your friends. They won’t judge. (Or they will, but screw them.)
  • DKM
    • 10/10 would recommend
    • Number of players: 2+
    • Rules: There is no winner in this game (except maybe those who are married each round) but it is a blast for you older audiences. Choose three people, famous or not, and pick who you would Do (sorry, Mom), who you would kill, and who you would marry.
    • Hint: If you’re uncomfortable with either of the choices, change it up. I’ve played, Make President, Travel the World With, and Turn into a Beast, before.
  • Last, but not least. Tunnels.
    • Number of players: 1+
    • Rules: This isn’t a game, but a road trip LAW. Every time you go through a tunnel, you must hold your breath. At the end, if you make it, you can make a wish. The last time I did this I was in the car with my fellow College Student. We both wished for all A’s.
    • Hint: If you’re driving, be conscious about how much air you need. Try not to pass out at the wheel.

Hope you enjoyed this helpful list! Have fun, be safe, and happy roadtripping!

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