Dear Santa,

santaI’m sure you know this, but Christmas is tomorrow. Christmas is my favorite time of year, for a lot of different reasons. The food, family, Jesus, atmosphere, games, weather, and, of course, you. I’m sure it is your favorite time of year as well. Although, definitely your busiest.

You know, I never thought about this, but you probably don’t get enough thank you’s. Yeah, you get plenty of appreciation and publicity, but mainly people use you, don’t they? Parents use you to get their kids to behave and their kids use you to satisfy their selfishness. Businesses use you to get money and media uses you to be seen.

But how many times do you get a thank you?

I mean, sure, you get “Santa, I want this and this and this and this, I LOVE YOU.” And you get half hearted “Thanks, santa”’s sent up into empty space as a kid rushes to the next present, but I think you deserve more. You do so much all year around and people forget about you until the weeks leading up to Christmas.

I want to appreciate you at all times. You’ve been there for me since I was a kid and you’ve always put a smile on my face.

So this year, instead of writing a letter to tell you want I want, I’m writing a letter to say thank you.

Thank you, enjoy the cookies, and be safe while traveling tonight.


All who will never stop believing in you

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