Am I worth it?

12471922_10205485398321144_1405547821529176822_o“I don’t want him to try to love me. I don’t want to be ‘worth a shot’. I want to be magnificent.”

“You are magnificent.”

“You have to say that.”

“No, I don’t.”

“Yes, you do. You’re my brother.”

“So I, more than anyone, know how much of a mess you are.”

“Wow, thanks.”

“I’ve seen you at your worst, Ari. I’ve seen you broken, angry, sick and un-caring. The last word I should use to describe you is magnificent. But I do, because it’s true. You are magnificent, and you deserve to be loved more than anyone else in the world.”

“Then why am I not worth it? Why do they have to try to love me?”

“They’re unaware of the beauty before them because they think they’re the best thing in the room. They’re blinded by their own pride. They have to try to love you because they don’t know how to love.”

“No one knows how to love.”

“You do.”

“No, I don’t.”

“Then learn how to. Figure it out. Start with yourself. Learn to love you like I do. You’re worth it.”

“How did you learn to love?”

“I let myself be loved.”

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