My Near Death Experience

12489373_10205515856042568_5853406904387438760_oHave you ever been so frustrated that you decide you’re just going to give up forever? Ever decided ‘yup, this is where I’m going to die.’?

That’s how I felt laying in three feet snow, skis stuck to my boots and poles unable to find ground. My dad standing still twenty feet down the mountain, yelling ‘turn your skis to the side and stand up!” I struggled to do as he said only to fall once again.

“Just go!” I tell him. He refuses, of course. I was frustrated, embarrassed, and tired. I could not get up for the life of me. Maybe I never would. I would just fall asleep there, maybe freeze to death. Eventually someone would come save me. They’d have to cut off my feet and hands due to frostbite. I’d be a horror story parents tell their kids to keep them from skiing too far to the side of the mountain where their skis will sink in the fresh snow. My parents would shake their heads sadly whenever someone asked them how their vacation was.

“We went to New Mexico with two daughters. We came back with one because the youngest was too dumb to figure out how to stand back up.”

Survival of the fittest, they say.

Luckily, none of that happened. I finally took off my skis and crawled to safety before re-strapping them on. I met my dad and we continued the path down the mountain. I didn’t fall again that day, but I did sit down twice because I was too tired or too hot. Hey, I was sick. Don’t judge.

The point is, that night I was 79% positive I was going to die on that mountain. My thighs were very angry with me because I did the whole mountain in a pizza slice and my lungs were struggling to breath in the altitude. The snow had claimed me as one of it’s own and did NOT want to let me go. I did end up beating the beast. Woman against nature: woman-1, nature-0. I didn’t die. I lived, and in the end, had a blast on this vacation filled with things gone wrong.

We got stranded in Amarillo for two nights because of a blizzard. I was sick, along with half of our vacation party. I didn’t remember how to ski as well as I thought I would. My boots were so tight I couldn’t feel my feet. The roads were too dangerous to drive on about 40% of the time and I had no service at the cabin.

“I’m sorry this vacation wasn’t what we thought it would be.” Said my mom. Typical mother, apologizing for things she could not control. She worked her butt off trying to make this a great family vacation and a little weather and germs and suddenly she’s apologizing. If only she knew that in reality, it was one of my favorite vacations, despite almost dying.

I got to rest, watch Netflix and play games with my wonderful family while stranded at a nice hotel. I got to cuddle up next to my dad with hot cocoa in my hands and snow falling outside. My mom made me hot chili and braided my hair. My sister and I broke rules, peed on the side of the road, and laughed every day. I overcame some of my greatest fears and I tackled the beast of nature. I had a blast on yet another adventure.

Next time you want to give up, don’t. Just take off the skis and crawl to safety so you can fly down that mountain.

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