12321124_10208430683348709_821727191811128282_n“Holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”

Isn’t that such a wonderful saying?

‘You aren’t allowed to be angry.’

‘Just forgive the person that ruined your life.’

‘It’s no big deal.’

‘The anger is just hurting you. They’re fine.’

Well guess what? Continue reading

I am not my nicknames.

12439069_10205515881803212_6795568949325753368_nI was hanging out with two of my closest friends the other day, and I realized how thankful I was for them. I’ve only known them for a couple months but their friendship means so much to me.

That’s when I grasped how afraid I was that the end of our friendship was coming.

“I hope you guys know that you’re stuck with me for at least the next two years.” I let them know.

“What?” Continue reading

Touch is a good thing.

12002577_10205002081598528_3208880920806528361_o“I forgot how many times that had been said to me. To touch people less. As I was a child I was told to stop hugging people as much.” –Zoe Mckinney.

One of the recent conversations I had with Zoe was about hugs. Touch. Intimacy. How important these things are. And how we have perverted such necessary parts of human life.

We teach kids at a young age that they have to keep their hands to themselves. Don’t hug your friends of the opposite gender too much because it’s considered flirting. We start sexualizing touch at a young age when we should really be teaching our children that touch is good and healthy, because it is. Touch is not sexual. Hugging, holding hands, physical intimacy is not sexual. Physical connection is a vital part of humanity. We need this connection with other humans. These things are not sexual acts. They are acts of intimacy and intimacy doesn’t have to be a sexual thing. Continue reading