Dear Professor,

profeliWait, what? No, seriously, what? Can you repeat that? Are you even speaking English right now?

“No. I’m your Spanish teacher.”

HAHA. That was funny. I did a funny thing to start this blog post. Mainly because I’m sleep deprived. So this is going to be rough.

Dear professor,

Could you work a little harder to spread out our work? I get that you just want to get the information across and then you realize you need grades for the class, but honestly, a week of papers, exams and quizzes is exhausting. I just spent a month doing nothing and all the sudden I can’t sleep for a week? Seriously.

I’m literally paying this school for you to teach me. That kind of makes me your boss, doesn’t it? Okay, it definitely doesn’t, but I am paying. So why are you forcing me to come to your class? I will make the decision if I want to come to the class I paid for or not. You don’t have to punish my grade because I needed a mental health day.

Dear professor,

I’m paying you so you teach me, not to sit in a pointless lecture then teach myself that night with YouTube. If I wanted to teach myself, I wouldn’t pay tuition.

Dear ‘professor’, and I put quotes around that because you’re a grad student teaching this class for credit.

I saw you last night at that party. I know you’re not cancelling class because you’re sick. You’re so hungover.

Dear Doctor,

I know you worked hard for your title. But now I have to keep track of which professors I get to call by their first name and which professors I have to call doctor. It’s exhausting.

Dear Sarah,

You’re cool.

Dear Amanda,

Do you have any advice on how a student can become friends with their professor because you’re fun and I want to hang out. Do I have to wait until the semester is over? Can I just email you on Friday and ask if you want to have a movie night? How do I move forward from here?

Dear professor,

Thank you for teaching me. Thank you for taking time out of your life to help me. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. Thank you for wanting me to succeed.

Thank you,



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