Something you lost will soon turn up.

Yesterday’s fortune cookie.

I’m not one to easily believe fortune cookies. I mean, they are cookies. Not even tasty cookies, if I’m being honest. Usually I open the cookie just to laugh at the fortune, maybe jump back to my twelve-year-old days and add ‘in bed’ at the end to get a good laugh. This time, I needed to believe the fortune.

Something you lost…

This could be anything. It had to be something. I lost my watch last week. That thing is more expensive than my wife. If she knew I lost it, she would kill me.

Maybe I’ll find it today.

I lost the box of receipts. I don’t think they’re that important, though, so I don’t care if they turn up soon.

I’m losing the days. Quicker and quicker. They’re running away from me. Sleeping late and packing their suitcases. Maybe all the days I lost will turn up. I’ll get the time back. I’ll use it well this time. Learn another language. Kiss my wife before she leaves for work in the morning. Buy my gorgeous daughter the kitten she’s been asking for.

But what I really am waiting for, what I go home and sit on the couch to wait for is much less tangible. I hope it will come knocking on the door, or break through the window. Maybe it’ll come in the form of a storm, or a single yellow flower. My fingers itch as I wait for it to turn up.

My sense of purpose. My happiness.

But I wait in vain.

It doesn’t turn up.

I don’t know why I thought it would. Just because a gross cookie told me it would. It didn’t.

Yesterday’s fortune cookie was wrong.

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