Involuntary Aubade

blog pics2A current of crisp aroma drifts through

Windows shoved up

Curtains haphazardly whipping

Free flow of morning breeze

Nose crinkling, I lay facedown

On an unfamiliar mattress.

Golden swords of light pierce my eyes

My skin itches with warmth.

Toes stretch out, searching

With much struggle, lids pull wide

Before slamming shut once more.


The dawn playlist shuffles

Glorious screeching of winged rodents

Striking whispers of evening promises

The current’s song pushing against leaves.

No one presses pause, it never stops.


He lays unmoving, chest lifting and falling

I drag my finger

Against his arm, painting.

The dawn pushes against my chest

And the curve of his unaccustomed lashes remind me

I’m not meant to be here.

I didn’t want to be here.

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