Summer Days

picsLight filters through the open windows.

The windows wrap around the entire house and there are no trees around, so the obstacles to stop the light from shining inside are very few.

There are some curtains, but they are very thin and do little good in the peak of the day, when the sun is the happiest and it’s light is the brightest.

So the light gleams. When the windows are closed, the light breaks the barrier and shines none-the-less. When the windows are open, the lights take an advantage and bring the heat with them.

Beams sprint down from the sky; running like they were in a race and the finish line is a window. Fists first, the beams punch through the glass and tumble onto the hard ground below. Sometimes they jump back up, usually they stop and fester on the floor, screaming and crying. The end of the race comes with pain. Heat.

The heat doesn’t race like the light does. The heat takes its time. It fizzles, billows, and climbs around with devious intentions. Like bubbles blown from a lukewarm container, it flows with the wind, never staying in one place long but never leaving without the security of more heat to replace it.

The light and the heat have become one, with the way they interact. They weren’t always friends, but now they move together. Where the light goes, the heat follows. The heat is manipulative, though, often going places that the light can’t.

All the windows are open now and there are no obstacles to keep the light and the heat from flying right through the open windows.

If you sit in front of the open window long enough, the light and the heat smother you, over-powering your own breathes. They drape themselves on top of you, forcing your eyes closed and your breathing to slow. They crawl across your sin with limbs that end in a million needles. They ignore your discomfort when they peel at your reddening skin, creating homes for themselves underneath. They use your skin as warm blankets and your blood as nutrients, drawing it closer to the surface.

If you lay there long enough, the light will filter through you and the heat will follow through on its devious intentions with your body.

So you open the windows and you lay down.

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