Open Letter

scream-heroI guess you could say I’ve had an easy life. On paper, everything has gone in my favor. From my family to my finances to my health, I’ve been mostly dealt a good hand. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t had struggles, pain, and disbeliefs.

I’ve had relationship problems and bad self-image. I’ve fought with my on-paper ‘perfect’ family and I’ve had painful breakups with both friends and more-than. I’ve been told my writing is sub-par and I need to find a ‘real’ job. I’ve had to take medicine for mental health problems and I’ve had doctors and coaches watch what food I do (or more accurately, don’t) put in my body. I’ve fallen asleep in tears and woken up not wanting to get out of bed.

I’ve also laughed until my abs hurt. My work has been published and my friends have been there for me when I wasn’t there for them. My family nights are my favorite nights of the week and my moments of silence in the Lord’s presence keep me going.

So on paper and off I’ve had both a good life and struggles.

It’s all lead up to where I am now. I spend my days working and writing. I read until I can’t keep my eyes open at night and I submit work after work to publishers and journals. And I’m working on one of the largest projects I’ve ever worked on with one of my best friends I only know thanks to a lovely band called ‘Pvris’.

“Scream Hero” is a lot of things but to me it’s something simple. Scream Hero is the desire to do good and to help those who feel helpless. Call it cliché but call it as it is. An attempt to mend our breaking world.

And this attempt is not just Scotty, Buffy, and Kingsley. It’s everyone who’s read my words, seen Kingsley’s art or heard Scotty’s audio spray-paint. It’s everyone who has fallen asleep crying, hated what they saw in a mirror, and been told they aren’t good enough. It’s the outsiders, the broken, the minority. It’s the skin colors that changes lives and the identities that break hearts. It’s the unstable and the broken.

It’s you.

No matter the hand of cards you’ve been dealt, you have a chance to do better, do good, and be happy.

You are worth it.

You are beautiful.

You have the power to change the world.

You are Scream Hero.

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