A Game

15590037_10211707848635793_58361140296266066_n“Let’s play a game.”

“That sounds eerie.”

“No, it’ll be a fun game.”

“Alright, how does it go?”

“I spend every moment of my day loving who you are, and all you have to do is let me.”

“That’s not a game.”

“You just have to be yourself. Then you win the game.”

“No, Kyle…”

“Come one, Anne. It’s an easy game.”

“That would be the hardest game ever.  Who is it that you even love? Who do you see when you look at me? You see brown hair and light skin. That’s all.”

“I see you. Your heart. I see what you love and how you perceive the world.”

“No, Kyle. How are you going to love me if you don’t know who I am? All you know is what I’ve shown you. This… this body, is temporary. And the person you’ve gotten to know? She’s not real. This phony person is nothing but a mirage.”

“You’re losing the game, Anne.”

“It’s not a game! It was never a game! You can’t reduce this… us… to a simple game of being.”

“You’ve an honest heart.”

“Last night, I scribbled out all of my thoughts on a piece of paper. Then I started erasing, only what was fake. I ended up with a blank paper.”

“A blank page is just a canvas full of potential.”

“I don’t know how to paint.”

“I’ll show you. We can make it a game.”


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