Observations: Signs

picsThe drive from my childhood home to college takes me through Dallas where I see this sign. “We won’t tell your husband” it says. To this day, I can’t figure out the intended meaning of the advertisement.

Are they reaching out to women who may feel unsafe or whose husbands are too controlling to allow them guns? Is their target audience girls who want to know how to use a gun without their husband’s knowing for a less ‘self-defense’-y reason? Are they extremely sexist? Or extremely feminist? Why would their husband not need to know? Are they saying girls can’t handle guns or girls should be allowed to handle guns whenever they want?

I don’t know and I’m not sure I ever will, unless I visit or call the company.

Perhaps that was their goal?

This sign gives me a bad taste but it never fails to make me think, either. The animosity of the reasons behind this sign makes me think.

We all have the opportunity in life to see things in a positive or negative light. Until I ask the creator of this sign what they meant when they made it, all I have to go off of are my own assumptions.

All we ever have to go off of are our assumptions.

Sexist or Feminist? Good or bad?

How do we assume?

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