Morning Flight

22310274_10210508451654338_8099977218505346740_n Lynn turns off the alarm clock and turns to stare out the window. The sky has a blanket of clouds keeping the sun at bay. Her hair fans out behind her, spread across the duvet. The dreams linger in the corner of her mind and she rubs her eyes in an attempt to erase them. She runs the tip of her fingers across her lips, remembering the brush of his against hers. Groaning, she rolls over, pulling a pillow over her head.

“Alright,” Lynn huffs, climbing out of bed. She pulls at the blinds and rests her forehead against the glass. A group of birds take flight from the telephone wires they were perched on. 

She watches them fly away until the apartment building blocks them from view. The overwhelming desire to sprout wings and fly with them washes over her. She leans back on the bed and stares at the ceiling, the cold morning air biting her skin. With each second that goes by, the dream fades a bit more. She pushes her fingers into her hair, desperate to remember the details. She tries to think of Luke’s eyes and fingers, but finds the color has turned to black and white and the touches feel like a ghost.


She looks out the window again. A single bird sits on the wire. He’s quickly joined by a second and soon after they fly away.

When did she start envying birds?

It would be easier. To simply take flight, disappear in the horizon, and never think of Luke again.

It would be easier but the memories will always keep her grounded.

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