Caress Your Soul

13244015_10206450173279915_4943505738771786978_oThis weekend I took a familiar trip to Austin, Texas. Even though I’ve been there multiple times, each trip and experience is unique from the last. The one this photo is a part of, taken over a year ago, was filled with different places, different events, different people, and different memories. A different Madison Lawson visited the same city and saw everything… differently.

“Caress Your Soul”, a piece of graffiti I saw that day at the graffiti park, spoke to my heart. It told me that anything that touched me, made me feel, made me love and warmed my soul was good. It told me to chase those things that caressed my soul, told me to hold onto them because they would be fleeting and when would I find the next one?

It told me to write what I needed to write to know my own emotions and thoughts. It told me to write to experience my own soul. Told me to write what I thought would caress other people’s souls.

Now, “Caress Your Soul” means just as much to me, but in new, purer, and healthier ways. My soul is the most important part of me. It is eternity, love, kindness, and goodness. It is what others see and long for. My soul is what I must keep safe, precious, and close. It is the most intimate, secret part of me and I cannot subject it to anything I think will touch it, make it feel fleeting moments of happiness. My soul deserves a lasting, eternity type of love. A love I can only find in one place. A love God longs to pour out on my soul. 22788986_10210591442649061_1518458173730921261_n

This trip to Austin was for a specific experience: a Halsey concert. Though this was not my first time seeing her live, it was the first time since she ‘blew up’ and because extremely popular. Despite this, she was more down to earth, honest, and personal then the last time I saw her. She cared about her fans and the audience more than looking cool on a stage. She was in awe of the crowd, rather than expecting it to be bigger.

And I’m faded away, you know, I used to be on fire
I’m standin’ in the ashes of who I used to be

Visit the same places again, but don’t expect the places to be the same. Or yourself. In fact, hope it’s different. Desire a new experience. Look at graffiti with a new mind and with fresh eyes.

Be an angel, even if you’re on fire. 22886073_10210591431608785_7107761056992373983_n

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