The Crooked Path

picssThe other day my class had the honor of hosting for a visiting writer, Domingo Martinez. We had the pleasure of listening to him talk, give us advice, and answer any questions we could throw his way. I haven’t read all of his book yet but I have flown through a couple of chapters and let me tell you, this guys has lived quite the life.

Or, as he puts it, he’s taken the crooked path.

First off, I do suggest his books to anyone interested in memoirs. I can tell he’s spent years honing his voice and perfecting his craft, so now his novels have a unique tone and language. He’s worked hard over the years and never let his past or struggles stop him from being heard. 

My life has been it’s own crooked path, one that I’ve happily (sometimes grudgingly) highlighted along the way for a bunch of strangers on the internet to see. (And even more non-strangers). But I’ve always been careful to work on my craft, figure out the industry, and make connections. I can always work more on this, though, and listening to Martinez talk reminded me of this.

I want to be a good literary citizen. Because if I’m not, but I still expect other people to be readers of my own work, than what am I doing?

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