Magic, Disney, and Losers

25550256_10210955637113695_2179826903778710288_nMagic much exist because I’ve seen it with my own eyes in the midst of the happiest place on earth.

Disney World. Despite it being so crowded I wanted to scream and so hot I wanted to cry, the three days I spent at Disney World were truly magical. This is partly due to the wonders of the parks, the details of each corner, the excitement of the rides, and the endless options of activities. But it is even more to do with the wonderful company of three Losers.

Remember Emily, the broadway-crazed wannabe from this post? She was, of course, the front-leader of our group. This was her trip to see the wonderful Savannah and in order, Randi, me, and Alissa all invited ourselves. It’s safe to say we somehow created a wonderful group with which to explore the magic of Disney World. 

If you read any of my blogs, you’ll recognize the reoccurring name “Emily.” She’s my honorary-sister (technically cousin, but I’ll hence forth be referring to her as my sister because she basically is, so don’t get confused) and the mom-friend of every friend group we’ve been apart of together. While this was Em’s trip, she didn’t spend the entire time planning and stressing, instead the majority was spontaneous and chill.

“It’s up to you, Alissa, you’ve never been here before.” But Alissa rarely knew, and Randi is fairly indecisive, so Em and I often made the decisions.

Alissa is the newbie of our group. She’s known Randi and Em for a while and met me briefly before the trip so it easily could not have gone well. Thankfully, it did. Alissa is a sarcastic soul, so we got along well. When I asked her what your favorite moments of the trip were, this was her answer:


There was a lot of roasting. For me, it was all about climate change and global warming (seen my latest video?) and for Randi it was about… not handling roasting well.


Randi’s lived in Florida before so she knew the place pretty well. She took us to Uncle Julio’s and INSISTED we go to Disney Springs, which turned out to be pretty cool. Her interactions with Alissa were always fun to witness because of the above. They did make a compromise the last day, though: Alissa was going to be less mean and Randi was going to be less sensitive. I’m not sure it worked, but we had fun.

Last member, whom we met in Florida and is not pictured: John. Man, is that boy the biggest Loser of all. But I guess it was fun to have him around.

Yeah, Randi is less sarcastic than us, I wanted to get up early, get out of the hotel early, and make quick decisions while the others did not, and Alissa barely knew me before the trip, but I wouldn’t trade our little group for anything.

First rule for a successful trip: find good travel buddies.

This vacation ended up showing me how wonderful strangers can be. Sometimes the kindness in the world gets lost in the sea of evil, but I promise you, the kindness is there. Disney World is expensive, but because of the extreme generosity of Savannah (and her friend, Cassie) we were able to get into the parks for free. See, Savannah works at the Haunted Mansion and was able to give us guest passes. (Thank you again, Savannah.) She was also able to get us fast passes for the first day, which was amazing due to the 80,000 people in the park. However, she only had enough for two days worth of passes, so her friend, Cassie, (who knew NONE of us) offered to give us some of her guest passes without expecting anything in return. These allowed us to get into Epcot our final day, which ended up being my (and I believe the other Losers’) favorite part of the visit. On top of this, earlier in the day we went to lunch at Disney Springs and a woman at the table next to us offered us the rest of their desert. (Sounds weird, but I promise it wasn’t. They hadn’t touched it and there was a lot left.) Thank you, lady at the Boat restaurant, the desert was delicious.

25994617_10210999167321923_5934418306761210535_nLater that day we spent hours in Epcot. We stood in line for two different rides and drank around the world, (Which means we got one delicious Cider from England and took two hours to drink it), saw Neil Patrick Harris, (Let’s get coffee sometime, dude) and reveled at the beautiful fireworks. The day was filled with dumb comments, running jokes, multiple different countries, and memories to be made.

When I was a kid, Epcot was my least favorite park. It was boring and I didn’t care that every building looked different. As an adult, I’m in awe of the details and the wonderful architecture, foods, and attractions. If you’re an adult planning on going to Disney World in the future, please please do not overlook Epcot and all its wonders. Also, be sure to ride Test Track, even if the wait is an hour long.


Second rule to a successful trip: Be flexible. It’s okay not to have a plan.

The above was the first example given to me when I asked the Losers what their favorite moments of the trip were, but I was also given these:

We walked to Starbucks in the morning, took an Uber that stopped to get gas, got lost in the airport (no one listened to me. We were baggage claim B. B. Not A, people), left way later than planned…every. single. day, and tried on random, ugly hats in a hat store. None of these are big, expensive events. In fact, some of them could be seen as hindrances or annoying nuisances. But instead, they became some of our best memories. The extravagant firework shows are incredible, but it’s the unplanned little things that stick with you and make a trip worth writing about.25498079_10210955637953716_1987340207641162012_n


Third rule to a successful trip: The small things are important. Don’t overlook the details or the mistakes. They make the trip memorable and great.

I’m an introvert and too much social interaction or stimulation can make me tired and irritable. I know this about myself, so on Tuesday, while the other Losers went to church (I know, I’m a heathen) I stayed at the hotel, worked out, worked on my computer, and watched Youtube videos for three hours. By the time they got back, I was happy, rested, and ready for another day of magic.

Fourth rule to a successful trip: Know yourself and what you need. I need alone time. Randi needs food.

Finally, one of the best memories was the tower of terror. It’s one of my favorite rides, in fact it might be my favorite, and Emily and Alissa love it too. Therefore, we rode it three times one day. The last time all the passengers on our “elevator” were crazy, loud, and around our age. Everyone was making dumb comments and screaming at inappropriate times during the ride. Or really we were all screaming the entire time.  To some this might sound annoying, but for us it made the entire ride that much better. We all high-fived at the end and talked about how “lit” our group was. Later that day we even saw three of the girls that were on the ride and said hi.

Fifth tip/rule/Idk I’m making this up as I go: It’s okay to be a little extra sometimes. It can make things more interesting.

I couldn’t not write about Disney World because it truly was magical. I’m so thankful for the Losers, and Walt Disney himself, for making this trip so memorable. I believe Disney World is more for us adults than the kids, anyways. Why? Because everyone needs a little magic to excite their inner child. And at Disney, Magic comes alive.

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