Pocket Vacations

26169039_10211079596372599_6775302881647493717_nSometimes you need a vacation that isn’t even three days long and is filled with coffee. I call these “Pocket Vacations” because they’re so small they can fit in your poc- I take that back. I’m so sorry for this. I regret everything I’ve ever said.

ANYWAYS. I had one of these recently in Atlanta, Georgia. One of my good friends from high school (are you as surprised as I am that I had friends in high school?) moved to the big GA last year and so far she’s loving it. I thought “hey I could use this human to see a new city without having to pay for housing” and so I slid in her DMS.

Okay jokes. 

Monica and I have stayed connected over the years as pen pals (that is some good shiz right there, 10/10 would recommend) and she brought up the idea of my visiting her over Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, my Thanksgiving week was already filled with some classic off the grid, time alone with only some doggos and a few good books in a secluded cabin in the woods, so instead we planned on me coming during the Christmas break!

Jump to two months later and I’m strolling through the airport to catch the morning flight to Atlanta. I sat next to a lovely older couple, one of which gave me EXTENSIVE advice on being a college professor and the other was very proud of working for IBM. They were intriguing people.


We were on a roof. It was bloody freezing.

That first day Monica and I were very domestic with getting her towed car back (come on, Atlanta towing company, she parks there ALL THE TIME) and going grocery shopping. This was actually a very fun day filled with hours at a coffee shop updating each other on our lives. Seeing each other in such a chill way, with no preconceived notions of what we were going to do or how much fun we were supposed to have, was incredibly relaxing and joyful.


If you didn’t get an Instagram-worthy photo, did you really go to a coffee shop at all?

When I say this trip was filled with coffee, I mean it. I was there for three days (barely) and I dragged Monica to ALL the coffee shops. These included Aurora coffee, Spiller Park Coffee, Revelator Coffee, and Brash Coffee. While all the cafes we went to were delicious, Revelator may have been my favorite (and this has nothing to do with the wonderful conversations Monica and I had there.) I see coffee as a great way to get to know a new city. Coffee shops are the people watching of leisure afternoons. 26730973_10211079595252571_1660359550161457065_n

Our second day began with tandem yoga in Monica’s flat. While some may sneer at doing yoga while in a new city on vacation, I defend it. I wanted to do yoga and so did M. Thankfully, our friendship is one were we don’t feel obligated to do anything crazy in the mornings. If we both wanted to slap on some leggings and turn on Yoga with Adrienne, then we dang-well were going to do that.


What’s up, President Snow and Katniss?

We also did some cool Atlanta things, such as visiting Little Five points, saw the Swan House, admired some art, pretended to be pretentious rich ladies at Ponce City Market (“Oh, yes, I do intend to buy this $400 dress for a party my father, the Senator, is making me go to,”) and received a backstage tour of the Shakespeare Tavern (that’s where Monica works.”

But listen friends, Vacations don’t have to be some long, expensive, extravagant affair. Sometimes they can be an in-expensive, short trip to visit old friends, do some yoga, and drink ALL the coffee.

And that may make the perfect vacation.

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