Nap in Vacation Form

picEver feel like you need a break from a vacation? Or, if you will, a vacation from a vacation?

A vacation is a break from your everyday life. And a break from a vacation, is what? Incredibly meta? Or does it become your everyday life? Is it just a nap?

This blog post is a few weeks late, but lets talk: SPRING BREAK.


Your favorite Obscenely Blunt Writer and Broadway-Crazed Wannabe decided they needed an extreme nap-like vacation over Spring Break. From personal life drama, to work, to teachers who are slowly trying to murder us with homework and studying, we felt like we were dragging our feet and living off of coffee.

Spring Break couldn’t have come at a better time.

So, Em and I roped in Zoe, or better known as the Hangry Pregnant MILF, in with us, as her job had the same Spring Break week. We got a small AirBnB that was a two minute walk from the beach in Santa Rosa, Florida, and spent our days by the water. (For the most part). We were a twenty minute walk from the town center (where all the college kids were partying) and ventured down there every day for a cup of coffee and to visit the shops, but immediately left to find a quieter spot on the beach. (We got asked why we weren’t at the party at one point and I held up my book as a response.)

I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start from the beginning. We wake up at the butt crack of dawn (like 4:30) on Monday to start the road trip.

picsListen, if your phone says a road trip is going to take 11.5 hours but there are three girls, one of which is pregnant, who are in no rush, just add about 6 hours to that estimate. Yeah. It took us almost 18 hours to get there. We stopped every hour for either a gas, bathroom, food, and/or stretching break because we could and no one was stopping us. But we eventually made it. We had reached the beach that would be our home for the next four days, the metaphorical bed that would give us the best nap from our lives that we could have asked for.

When I make friends, despite being an introverted morning person, I tend to hand select the extroverts who don’t go to sleep a MINUTE before 3 am. So, I went to sleep at 11 while they stayed up for four more hours and the next morning I woke up at 8 while they slept for four more hours. In my head, this was perfect. Because it gave me my introverted time in the mornings when I could go on a long run on the beach, make breakfast, and read on the back porch.


That first day after they woke up, we went grocery shopping before heading to the beach.  It was slightly cold out, low 60’s, so getting in the water wasn’t quite an option (though we did it anyway) and laying on the beach was only bearable for about an hour before we were all shivering in the wind too much to be comfortable. So, as I’m sure you all would, we walked to town, got drinks, and then had a full on photo shoot on the beach. I’ll share more of the photos below because I know each and every one of you is DYING to see them.

To my introverts: bring books on your beach trip. I read 3 of them in 4 days.

To my extrovert: bring an introvert on your beach trip. You’ll need them to force you to take a moment and rest, listen to the waves and feel the sand between your toes.

So, that’s how our lives went for four days. Wake up at 8, run, breakfast, read. Wake up at 11, eat, head to get coffee. Look at shops, lay on the beach, read, take photos, get dinner, watch a movie, go to sleep at 11. Go to sleep at 3. Repeat.

And things run smoothly. Everyone is okay with whatever. There is no bickering, arguing, fighting, hangry or tired yells of outrage, passive aggressive comments, or complaints. Only wind, beach, ocean, and books. A vacation you don’t need a vacation from.

When I asked Zoe and Emily about any moments they particularly loved or wanted me to mention, Zoe said this:

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 2.04.41 PM

Quick explanation: We were headed to dinner and they were checking their data because we couldn’t get the maps to load. Both Zoe and Emily had LTE but it wasn’t working. I said “I have E” because, well, I had E. For some reason, they thought that was hilarious because no one has E anymore.

Friday we continued our routine and left Florida around 2 pm. We (Emily) drove through the night and got us home at 7 am so GO US but it was a great road trip, I mean I got to sleep so two thumbs up from this Obscenely Blunt Writer.

I didn’t need a break from this vacation. But I want to go back all the time. If you have a chance, get a cheep AirBnB on the beach in Santa Rosa and relax. It’ll be worth it.

Photo shoot photos:





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