When You’re Waiting

parisEver heard the saying “A watched pot never boils”?


Okay, where on EARTH have you been for your entire life?

The meaning of the phrase is this: When you watch something, desperately waiting for it to happen, it seems to take so much longer than if you’re not paying attention. If you make tea and then lean against the counter, staring at the kettle, it will never sing. But if you leave, go downstairs, start a new project, and go to the bathroom, then it will start screaming immediately.

Probably while you’re on the pot.

Sometimes, the period of life you’re on is a waiting period. Sometimes you’re simply waiting on the next “big moment” of your life. You’re preparing for a promotion. You’re packing for a big move. You’re studying for finals before your last semester of college ends. You’re waiting.

And the pots not seeming to boil.

23172846_10210649579022434_5570662702268089266_nOr, think of it this way: Life is a road trip. You can either stare at the clock, counting down the seconds until you’re at your destination, or you can enjoy the trip. You may go through stages.

One moment everyone in the car is singing to some early 2000s music and having conversations only possible on the fifth hour of a long road trip, and the next everyone is hungry, has to pee, and your back hurts from sitting in the same position for six hours. One moment, your destination is almost irrelevant because you’re having so much fun and the next every mile between you and the end of your journey is agony.

One moment, the waiting is the adventure itself and the next the waiting is just something to endure before the true adventure.

I don’t know if you’ve realized this, but 70% of these blogs is simply me babbling until I realize what I’m feeling and trying to say.

But they who wait upon the Lord will get new strength. They will rise up with wings like eagles. They will run and not get tired. They will walk and not become weak.

Isaiah 40:31

A preacher once explained these periods, these moments of life where we are simply waiting on His plan, as times of preparation. God is teaching us humility, peace, trust. He is building in us the desire to have a relationship with him. It’s a time to learn how to have a diligent prayer life and how to read his word. God wants us to learn to be good stewards of what we are given or to be financially responsible. We are getting in the habit of making our bed each morning.

Waiting. Preparation.

Frustrating, yes, but a beauty in itself.

I feel I’m in one of these moments. I’m in an awesome internship (blog about this to come) that’s teaching me crucial skills. I’m building a habit of spending time with Jesus every morning and digging into his word. I’m finishing college. I’m preparing.

The best part of all this?

I have no idea what I’m preparing for.

I’m on this road trip, and I think I’m nearing the end, but I don’t know what exit to take.

I guess I just have to trust that He will show me when it’s time to put on my blinker.

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