Book Review – Sharp Objects

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I couldn’t decide on the rating for this book but I think it earned these 4 stars. There is no doubt that Gillian Flynn is a fantastic writer and very creative. I did have a few issues with the book, but on the whole it really was a great read.

Camille Preaker is a journalist based in Chicago and from a small town in Missouri. She’s battling demons that have plagued her for her entire life and they just get stronger when she’s sent back to her hometown to cover the two mysterious murders of two young girls in Wind Gap. Both girls were strangled and had their teeth pulled out and Camille finds herself relating to the victims. She must solve the puzzle for her story while also surviving the nightmare of her childhood home with her overly neurotic mother and beautiful, but somewhat evil, young sister.

Listen, I’m all for a thriller. I love some dark twists and struggles and even those occasional deaths. But even I, who I will admit, has a thing for the dark side, felt uncomfortable in moments of this book. There is some DARK and disturbing things in Sharp Objects and I usually wouldn’t have been as bothered by them if I wasn’t stuck in the head of Camille the entire novel, who wasn’t nearly bothered enough.

picsWind Gap is psycho and the people in it are just as eerie. All the characters in this book are disturbing. There is something deeply unhealthy and unsettling on every page. You feel like you are living in an eerie other dimension as you flip the pages.

But I would still recommend this book to those thinking about reading it, who have read other books by Gillian Flynn, or who are fans of suspense, thriller, psychological thriller, and mystery books. This was an extremely well written novel and I didn’t see the ending coming – though in hindsight, I should have.

Keep in mind, you’ll be shocked multiple times in this book, the ending included (unless you’re really good at guessing endings, which I’m usually not) but I do think it’s an enjoyable read. It felt slow but also I finished it rather quickly, so maybe that was just the nature of the novel.

What about you? Thinking about reading it? Have already read it? What did you think?

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