Life Update – Little Rock Internship

picsThe summer started off kind of rocky and for a moment I thought I was going to have to cancel the rest of my plans. But, God’s timing is always perfect and better than what we could ever plan. So, a week after my Dad got home from the hospital, I got in the car and headed to Little Rock.

For the past six weeks I’ve been working with THV11 in Little Rock. The internship has been one of the coolest opportunities I’ve been given and each day I got to learn and experience something new.

Real quick explanation: THV is a news station in Arkansas, channel 11 to be specific, that reports both on local and national news. The goals of the internship is to learn every aspect that goes into the business. I was never expected to fetch coffee or do brunt work. I was expected to take charge of my days and learn. I was expected to ask questions and make decisions on what I wanted to do. Really and truly, I was expected to have fun.

picssThe internship was amazing for a lot of different reasons: it was paid, it was college credit, and I was able to be with one of my best friends in Little Rock. But the coolest part was all I got to learn and see.

Meeting the FBI director, playing with dogs, meeting the Attorney General, going to the Arkansas Crime Lab, traveling to small towns and being given dozens of donuts from Mom&Pop shops, going to Medical Marijuana Commission meetings, working with the anchors or with the producers behind the scenes, etc etc. Every day was completely different. I got to make my own packages and take control of my own stories. I met so many cool people and got to see the behind the scenes of something we all see every day. I wrote heart wrenching stories and stories about Kylie Jenner not using lip fillers anymore. I laughed with coworkers and shared stories of out past (I talked a lot about that one pesky time my dad went and got bitten by a mosquito).

There’s not much to this blog post except to fill the world in on the latest happenings. Who knows? Perhaps there is more reporting in my future than I originally thought. Or more producing.

Honestly? At this point, I don’t know. But it’s nice to know there’s a field out there I enjoy and I’m good at.

Thanks for sticking around random reader (Mom), and I’ll talk to ya’ next time. Signing off, it’s-

Okay, I’ve never ended a blog post like that. Sorry.



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