picThe Feminist Agenda.

The Gay Agenda.

The Christian Agenda.

The Muslim Agenda.

The Republican Agenda.

The Democrat Agenda.

Are you tired of counting them? Because I am. I’m tired of trying to understand them, of trying to figure out which feminists, which Republicans, which LGBT members and which Christians have these crazy radical agendas and which simply


Unless we are talking about inherently violent groups, then I think it’s safe to say that none of these “agendas” are actually what the other people say about it. These agendas most likely have a pure heart behind them. A desire to see love overrule hate. A desire to see life instead of death. Of acceptance rather than rejection or societal and relational exile.

I adore my family. My mother is one of the most kind-hearted and selfless women I know. And we (surprisingly) agree on a LOT of pretty disagreeable things. We also disagree with some. But the other night we sat in the kitchen for over two hours civilly talking about every hot topic thing under the sun. We played devils advocate against each other. We explained all the sides for all the topics. I explained how I don’t know my stance on one of the biggest hot topics today, one that my mom has a STRONG opinion on. And she was okay that a part of me may disagree. And I explained a topic that hurts my heart and I’m fully and wholly against that she actually agrees with. And I didn’t suddenly think of her as a crazy murderous Rebulican with a crazy agenda.

photoThis idea that the “other side” has an agenda will tear us apart. The topics themselves won’t. Its the complete inability to LISTEN to the other side (not say your opinion to them. But sitting in complete silence and listening to their heart) that is tearing at the seams of our country.

My amazing, marvelous, and brilliant friend said this to me the other day after I complained to her about someone claiming Captain Marvel was “pushing the feminist agenda.”

We don’t have an agenda, per se, we just have a mission to make everyone equal, more loving, and more tolerant of those that are different than us, live different lifestyles than us, and believe different things than us. And know that different isn’t bad. In the feminist sphere, you’ll see women claim the “ask me about my feminist agenda” label as a way of turning it on its head, essentially saying; “if you think I have an agenda, let’s talk about it. Hopefully, you’ll see it’s not a bad thing and is what we need as a society to keep progressing. If you want to call that an agenda, that’s fine, but to me, it’s just feminism.”

If you’ll talk to me.

If you’ll listen to me.

If you’ll treat me as a human.

Agendas are rarely a great big to-do list to change the way of life or ruin the life of the people on the “other side.” Usually, it’s just a heart stance. A BURNING desire to be listened to. To be heard. To be loved.

This is not me taking a moment on my blog to claim the (arguably non-existent) feminist “agenda.” It’s me taking a moment to claim the humanity agenda.

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love.

-1 Corinthians 13:7, 13

Bears ALL things. Including differences in beliefs or politics. We as believers are called to love above ALL ELSE.

(Including above faith.)

Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins.

-1 Peter 4:8

If you don’t think you’re a feminist and you think feminists have some crazy “tear down men agenda” I urge you to sit down with a feminist you love (I promise they exist) and listen to them.

If you’re a Democrat and believe Republicans have some crazy “take away all rights of the women and force them to have babies” agenda, sit down with them and listen to their heart behind their beliefs.

And the other way too. If you’re pro-life and believe pro-choice people have an agenda to kill all the babies. Sit. Down. With. Them. And. Listen.

Don’t fight. Don’t argue. Don’t assume. Don’t judge.

Love and listen.

Maybe you’ll realize your agendas are pretty much the same, just in different words.


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