Talitha Cumi – PUBLISHED

FullSizeRender-1-1HERE IT IS FOLKS.

My first ever published book.

If you’ve read and enjoyed ANY of my blogs, then I think you’ll love this book. Especially if you’re favorite posts are the more personal/vulnerable/emotional ones.

A quick history of Talitha Cumi

In early 2019, I did a 3 month school with YWAM Orlando where we studied the Bible in-depth. During that time, I wrote a series of essays (like blog posts) that I felt the Lord was telling me NOT to post.

Because of this, I ended up writing about some really personal and vulnerable things that I would never have shared on my blog.

Then, I felt led to turn it into a book and publish it. Which I actually fought the Lord on for a while. First, it was “This is too personal.” Then, it was “These aren’t good enough.” Then, “Why? Who would buy it? Who would read it?” Then, “Maybe you’re not telling me to publish this. Maybe I’m only telling myself you are because I want attention.” And finally, “This would never get traditionally published.”

And, of course, God had an answer to all of those. And, of course he was right. So, here we are. Me holding my first ever physical, published book. It’s not fiction or a novel, which I always thought would be my first book, but it’s still mine. It’s a part of me that I’m sharing with you.

This is probably one of the scariest things I have ever done. I cut myself open, spilled my insides, my deepest fears and insecurities, my biggest shames and sins, my relationship with the Lord, onto the page and now I’m offering it to you. To anyone.
It’s terrifying but it’s good.

Like I say in the book, “The Gospel. It’s the opposite of the Abyss.
And trust me when I say this:
Living in the Gospel is so much better than living in the Abyss.”

So today, on my 24th birthday, I’m sharing an honest and painful part of my heart, Talitha Cumi. 

Enjoy. (Ways to purchase coming…)

“In this series of essays, Madison Lawson shares the personal journey she’s undertaken over the last five years to go from knowing God at a surface level to having a deep understanding of his heart. Using the three Aramaic phrases spoken by Jesus in the Gospel of Mark, Madison embarks on an emotional and vulnerable journey to a life-changing discovery of what it really means to be Talitha Cumi praising Eloi, Eloi, El Elyon.

Stop living paralyzed when God has already called you son, called you daughter, and forgiven your sins. You can walk now. You can run.

-Talitha Cumi

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