Divided Down the Middle

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, sky, cloud, tree, outdoor and natureI’m as guilty of it as anyone. Maybe even more so. (Definitely more so)

Acquainting Christianity with political parties. Picking apart the beliefs of leftists and rightists and trying to compare them with the gospel. Actually, the other way around. Politics, which is quickly dividing our nation, has become the heart of beliefs and religion is forced into the stances of those parties. Too often, religion is seen through the lens of politics.

We need to remember that everything, politics included, should always be seen through the lens of our faith.

I honestly can’t count how many times I have said, in a whirlwind of frustration and blind determination to be heard, “More liberal opinions align with the gospel than conservative!” It’s a desperate need in my chest to show people that my left-leaning political opinions are far more Christian than many right-leaning voters’.

But that need is misplaced. Even as I type that, I want to give a caveat: It’s still right, though. It’s insatiable. The desire to fight. To argue. To prove that my politics are “more Christian” than those who disagree with me.

I’m allowing our Kingdom to be divided down the middle. Which is pretty much exactly what Paul (and God) warned us against.

May the God of endurance and encouragement grant you to live in such harmony with one another, in accord with Christ Jesus, that together you may with one voice glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God.

Romans 15:5-7

The church Paul was writing to was FILLED with unrest and disunity. And, unfortunately, I see the church, the Kingdom we belong to, looking remarkably similar. Divided down the middle, our ONE Kingdom that is meant to serve the Lord and love all is filled with disunity, hatred, and arguments.

We are divided by political beliefs. Where our country’s money goes. Who has to wear a mask. (Just freaking wear it what the h*ck). Who gets to worship and how. What to do with immigrants. Who gets to get married. etc. etc. We’ve set all these dumb standards for what Christianity is supposed to look like and completely ignored the actual words of God.

American Christians are too often living like America is their Kingdom, the president is their King, and politics is their scripture.

God has extended his righteousness to all people. All people are made equal in Christ. And because of this, we should live in harmony and unity because we’ve received God’s Grace and we were made to Glorify God.

Yes, there are some sins that I believe the Bible is pretty clear on, and some are seen in politics. But then you have to ask the questions, should these Christian sins become American laws? Yes, there are some commands given to the church (help the widows, orphans, poor, and immigrant – Matthew 5:42, Acts 6:1-6, James 1:27, 1 Chronicles 16:19-22, Psalm146:9, 3 John 1:5, etc) but does that mean the nation should do it if the church isn’t?

Shouldn’t we be more concerned with listening to the Holy Spirit, knowing scripture, and aligning our hearts with the Lord’s than with politics?

Easier said than done. Especially for people like me. Justice is a fire I’ve allowed to devour me and it’s hard to see through the flames sometimes.

But I’m tired of being divided down the middle.

Are you?

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