Death Makes Great TV: Interview With Bryan R. Johnston

I recently read a surprisingly funny thriller that I seriously could NOT put down: Death Warrant by Bryan Johnston.

I tore my way through this book and was constantly on the edge of my seat, laughing out loud, or being in awe of Bryan’s writing. The way he describes people and situations is so unique and imaginative; I really felt like I was in the world with Frankie.

Speaking of Frankie, I ADORED her. I loved her view of the world, her humor, her love of movies, and her brilliance. The inner workings of Frankie’s job and the Death Warrant show were scary realistic and well researched. Bryan brought this world together seamlessly, there was NEVER a moment I was pulled from the story, and there wasn’t a single character that I didn’t like.

Death Warrant is thought-provoking, captivating, entertaining, absorbing, fast-paced, and emotional. Plus, the ending took me by surprise! It was an all-around satisfying end after a well-paced, fun novel.

Read about Death Warrant and check out my interview with the extremely talented author below!

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A study in grief


Grief is the natural reaction to loss.

Grief is a strong, sometimes overwhelming emotion for people due to a loss, particularly of someone or something that the person had a strong bond with or affection for. Although, grief can also be for a relationship that has ended badly, a healthy lifestyle after a terminal illness, or other losses, such as a family home or a job.



Denial is a conscious or unconscious decision to refuse to admit that something is true. This is natural as grief brings sudden and intense emotions. It’s a survival instance to ignore these feelings.

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Keep Going

gagaMy mom is so strong. She is not afraid to show emotions, to be vulnerable, and to feel pain. She is also tough, secure, and a force to be reckoned with. (None of these things are mutually exclusive). She has had a hell of a year, from my dad getting sick to this last week when she lost her daddy, she has stood firm in the love of Jesus and her faith that God is good through and through.

I admire my mom. I want to be more like her.

When we lost Gaga, I was good for a while. I firmly believe that he is so happy right now and it’s a joyous thing to know that Gaga gets to spend time with the King, with the God he spent his life serving. I’m so happy for him and I feel so blessed to have known him, been his partner, and learned from him over the years. Continue reading

Young Ignorance and Adventure

21078830_10210094010933579_3042036252880962403_nMy fingers were cold and stiff, covered in mud and growing numb to the increasing wind. I used a stick to dig, uncovering the long metal pieces. Despite it still being early in the day, the sky was losing light quickly. I whipped around at the sound of crashing. A tree not far away had broken at the base and fallen.

A small hurricane was underway. I, being young, stupid, and obsessed with crazy adventures, had no plans on seeking refuge indoors. The creek beside my house was filled with trees, many of which were dead and threatening to fall under the force of strong wind. If I truly valued my safety, I would have already been inside, warming up and sitting on the couch with my sister. However, there was an old sewing machine buried in the bank of the creek and this discovery would lead to riches my small brain had never known. (In reality, I would uncover an old Bartlett Sewing Machine that would be broken in many places and no more valuable than a rusted piece of metal.) Continue reading