A study in grief


Grief is the natural reaction to loss.

Grief is a strong, sometimes overwhelming emotion for people due to a loss, particularly of someone or something that the person had a strong bond with or affection for. Although, grief can also be for a relationship that has ended badly, a healthy lifestyle after a terminal illness, or other losses, such as a family home or a job.



Denial is a conscious or unconscious decision to refuse to admit that something is true. This is natural as grief brings sudden and intense emotions. It’s a survival instance to ignore these feelings.

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Dear driver behind me,

road rageSTOP. You don’t need to pass me, I’m already going ten over! Get. Off. My. Butt. Why are you so impatient? GEEZ! Calm the freak down. This is not a race, goodness gracious. You need to learn how to slow down and enjoy life!

Dear other driver, life isn’t slowing down just for you to stop and smell the dandelions! CAN WE GO NOW?! Why are we getting on the highway going forty freaking miles an hour? GOOOO. You’re not getting any younger! OH. MY. GOSH. Can we not? Go faster, please! oh finally you’re going to the other lane. USE YOUR BLINKER, IDIOT. You know, the little signal built in to let me and other drivers know you may be turning or switching lanes? Yeah, it’s there for a reason! Isn’t it a cool little invention? USE IT. Continue reading