Best Week Ever

wd2I’ve had a crazy week. From messages, to things God is doing, to spending time with my friends, It’s  been amazing. Although it has also been incredibly draining. I will not spend time on specifics, but rather, the overview of what God is doing in my life and saying to me, either directly, through others, or in amazing messages.

Last week was corporate week, which means all the DTS’s have morning teaching together in one room. For the first half of it we had…. wait for it…. Dar and Loren Cunningham talk to us. Continue reading

Best Job Ever

wd5I should have written this blog a while back, but as they say, better late than never right?

So a little over a week ago, the Awaken DTS was called together to figure out what our work duties will be. So, we are all standing in a corner, anxiously waiting. They go through kitchen duty, morning duty (my name isn’t called thank goodness) and others until Camera duty is called out. Four names are said, “Austin. Brooke. Julia. And Madison.” Okay, fair enough. Sounds fine! So we go to find our work Duty leader. When we come up to him, he tells us his name is Bernie, so, of course, I immediately call him Uncle B.  Continue reading