Kingdoms I’ve Found

★彡 edmund pevensie aesthetic | narnia aesthetic 彡★Recently while reading the Book of Daniel, something hit me that I have never fully felt in my heart.

What kingdoms have I found in this world? What king has made me feel safe? What kingdoms have I longed to be a part of?

In Daniel, the kingdoms of this world exist by God’s decree. Daniel and those who are faithful live in the kingdom of this world and are simultaneously obedient to the Lord of Heaven, living as the saints of the Most High, citizens of a heavenly kingdom.

The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ

-Revelation 11-15

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Last day of class…. STOP IT.

last day of classFriday, September 13, our last day of Class. We had the privilege of hearing Andy Byrd speak to us.

His message was more than amazing.


Stop complaining. Stop with unbelief. Stop giving 75%.

This is not a christian tour trip. We are planting seed that could change eternity for someone. -Andy Byrd. Continue reading