Good Friend


catA good friend is always there for you.

I need to be that,

A good friend.

So I try, every day. When he

Needs me, I will wrap him up in a blanket

Give him a cup of hot cocoa

And listen while he explains

That’s what my doctor told me to do.

“Your anxiety is just a friend who needs you.”

He is my friend who has just

Not figured it out yet.

So he comes with me everywhere


He tapped my shoulder during chemistry class

I need you to pay attention to me.

Why is everyone staring at me?

I can’t hear the professor.

What if I fail?

I rested my hand on his leg and look him in the eye,

Everything will be okay.

We took a deep breath together.


I give him a hug every day.

Sometimes I’m not that great of friend

And I sit quietly while he yells

It’s hard, when he is always with me.

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