The Registration Day 1 Scene from Daniel’s POV

I rewrote a short scene at the end of day 1 from The Registration from Daniel’s point of view! Check it out here:

Realization is flushing through Daniel’s mind too quickly for his thoughts to keep up with. Freezing flames of fire seem to shoot into his palms, where they’re resting against Lynell’s shoulders. He pulls them back and presses his tongue to the roof of his mouth, trying to speak past the flood.

“How Lynell?” he asks, careful to keep his voice level and void of any emotion. “You only get one Registration.” And Lyn already used hers. Daniel remembers the day she decided to so sharply that it still stabs the edges of his mind. The wound never has the chance to heal, not when every time a scab begins to form, the memory rips it open again.

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True crime with Kathleen Fine

Sixteen-year-old Emily Keller is charged with causing the deaths of four family members, but what really happened that fateful night—and who’s responsible—is anything but straightforward.

With a Master’s in Reading Education and a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education, Kathleen Fine is fully ready to share her young adult debut novel with the world! Kathleen is a member of the Maryland Writers Association, International Thriller Writers, and Author’s Guild, and she spends most of her time writing, reading, selling real estate, spending time with her family, and traveling to the Outer Banks!

As a big true crime and murder mystery fan, I was SO excited to talk to Kathleen about her novel! I love all things thriller, crime, mystery, etc., and I know that Kathleen really knows her stuff, so this interview was super high on my to-do list.

Girl on Trial is a ‘falsely accused’ murder mystery that follows 16-year-old Emily Keller (or, as the media knows her, Keller the Killer) as she struggles through the nation’s biggest trial of the year.

You can read more about Kathleen and check out some of her short stories on her website:, and her blog on Instagram @kathleenfineauthor where she posts short stories and book reviews.

Until then, enjoy this wonderful conversation!

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Top 5 FAVE books

Choosing my top five favorite books is nearly impossible, but I’ll try (in no particular order).

Red White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

Casey McQuiston perfected a witty, awkward, beautiful, sexy, and tropey romance novel with Red White & Royal Blue. This book is a celebration of and for all people have felt out of place, like they didn’t fit in, and had to work to carve out a space for them to be who they are.

Favorite quote: History, huh? Bet we could make some.

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A little bit of Space with Ruth Fox

Today I spoke with the award-winning author of several published books and more upcoming, Ruth Fox, all about her upcoming books, space, and the sci-fi genre! Ruth writes sci-fi and fantasy books mainly for younger readers and received a Bachelor of Arts/Diploma of Arts in Professional Writing and Editing.

She currently lives with her husband, two cats, and three very adventurous sons (who also love books) in Victoria, Australia. You can find more information about her other books on her website at or on Facebook at

Her upcoming book, New Eden is a sequel to Under the Heavens. In this science-fiction novel, Ruth explores save through the eyes of Hannah Monksman, who won the opportunity to captain Seiiki and carry the last of Earth’s whales to a new planet. Unfortunately, the isolation of space may be getting to her when she suspects that someone else is hiding onboard.

Read more about Under the Heavens here, and then check out our conversation below!

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Traveling Time with Nancy McCabe

Author of seven published books and more upcoming, Nancy McCabe took time out of her busy schedule to sit down and answer a few questions for us! Nancy has written five creative nonfiction works, a memoir, and now children’s novels.

An adoptive parent and former longtime gymnastics mom, Nancy has published articles in Newsweek, Salon, Writer’s Digest, The Brevity Blog, and the Los Angeles Review of Books, among many others. She’s a Pushcart winner, and her work has been recognized nine times on Best American Notable Lists. She directs the writing program at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford and teaches in the graduate program at the Naslund-Mann School of Writing at Spalding University. Read more about her on her website,

Nancy’s upcoming book, Vaulting Through Time, will be her debut in the young adult novel world. In the book, Sixteen-year-old gymnast Elizabeth finds herself catapulting through time in order to solve the mystery of her own birth and stop a fellow time traveler whose actions may prevent her from being born.

Preorder the book here and keep reading to learn more about Nancy, her writing journey, and Vaulting Through Time.

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Q&A With Screenwriter and Novelist Kathleen Hannon

I recently had the immense pleasure of speaking with Kathleen Hannon, author of Bye For Now. Kathleen worked as a Hollywood development executive for many years and screenwriter before returning to books to write her debut YA novel, The Confession of Hemingway Jones. We talk about the difference between screenwriting and writing novels, the world of science interacting with the world of fiction, and what readers can expect with her upcoming book!

Before we get to the interview, I want to share the summary of her book:

Moments after a devastating car accident kills his father, 17-year-old Hemingway Jones takes his father’s body to Lifebank, the cryogenic preservation company where he interns. Hijacking the lab in a desperate attempt to reverse the natural order, Hemingway holds police and medics at bay as he works to revive his father. As dawn breaks, the heart monitor beeps, and his father slowly creeps back to life.

Days later, Hemingway arrives at the hospital to learn that his father’s skin has turned ashen gray, he can’t exist in temperatures above 55 degrees, and hydrogen sulfide has become his only source of food. Facing arrest for his reckless actions, Hemingway is offered a proposal by the billionaire owner of the lab: recreate the experiment he swore he’d never do again, or go to prison, leaving his father to die a second time.

And now, let’s hear Kathleen’s answers to my questions!

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Q&A with Award-Winning author Dana Claire

Dana Claire is a YA and fantasy author of 5 novels, with more on the way. She describes herself as “a hopeless romantic and an action junkie who’s been building creative worlds since” childhood. Living in Los Angeles, CA, Dana has worked as a trainer for celebrities, professional athletes, and fitness enthusiasts in addition to writing.

Dana’s most recent book, Hunterland was picked up by CamCat Books. Check out the Summary here:

Liam Hunter has warded off hungry vampires, slayed monstrous beasts, and put agonized spirits to rest since he could hold a stake. When trouble comes through the Hunterland message board, alerting them that nurses are dying at high schools across Wisconsin in a string of fishy “suicides,” the Hunter family hits the road to save the day.

The trail leads to Falkville Falls, where Liam clashes with Olivia Davis, whose maddening family seems inexplicably embroiled in this haunting mess. Olivia has always mothered her little sister, Pepper. But when the Hunter family opens her eyes to the hidden underworld of real monsters prowling the dark, she realizes she can’t protect Pepper from this newest threat by herself. Can the two families work together to uncover who or what is responsible before the next murder, or will this vicious death cycle have no end?

Without further adieu, check out my conversation with the incredibly talented Dana Claire!

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GUEST POST: Jordan H. Bartlett

How Character Belief Shapes Your Fantasy World

Creating your own world to set your story within is a lot like attacking a blank canvas with a paintbrush. The canvas itself can end up looking like anything, but if you want it to look good, it can’t look like everything. So you pick and choose what colors you use, you decide on the subject, and hopefully, after several hours, you have a finished masterpiece. Now imagine that you know what your masterpiece looks like, but your next task is to describe it to someone else who cannot see it.

It can feel overwhelming. You have a complete picture in your mind of what your world is. You know what its people are like, what the societal rules and social beliefs and narratives that keep the world running are; you’ve fine-tuned all the details down to what fashions are trending and what slang is popular. But you can’t unload that information on your reader all at once. Or you can, but I know nothing makes me put a book down faster than an info-dumping first chapter.

So how do you share your masterpiece with your readers in a way that keeps them engaged with the plot and your characters?

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Interview with fantasy author Brandie June

Brandie June is a fantasy author of the beautiful Gold Spun duology, a retelling of the Rumpelstiltskin fairytale. She studied study acting at UCLA, and eventually branched out into costume design, playwriting, prose writing, and received her MBA in Entertainment Marketing.

Gold Spun is “an enchanting retelling with memorable characters that will appeal to a broad range of fantasy readers,” and its sequel, Curse Undone, is out TOMORROW, October 4th!

Curse Undone, the sequel to your first book, Gold Spun, is coming out in just a few days! That’s so exciting! How was writing Curse Undone compared to Gold Spun? Was it more difficult writing a sequel?

I had an unusual time writing Curse Undone. When I initially wrote the manuscript, it was before I had even sold Gold Spun to a publisher. I imagined this series would be a trilogy. Once I signed with CamCat Books, I had several discussions with my editor. We eventually decided that a duology made more sense than a trilogy. I then had to cut half of my draft before writing the ending. It was a strange process, but I’m really happy with how Curse Undone turned out.

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Interview with Mystery Author Emily Whitson

I knew too much. On that island, on that godforsaken singles’ retreat. I knew too much…

Playing on our universal fascination with reality TV, Beneath the Marigolds is the Bachelor(ette) gone terribly wrong.

The debut novel from Emily C. Whitson is a thriller exploring the dark side of love and the ultimately redemptive power of friendship.


Emily is a mystery and thriller author with a focus on contemporary pop culture. Her work explores the intersection of suspense and entertainment, the dark side of celebrity and Hollywood glamour.

A former marketing copywriter and a graduate with a major in journalism, she is now pursuing a Master of Education with a specialization in English Literature at Vanderbilt University.

Emily is particularly passionate about women’s education and female stories. When she isn’t writing or in the classroom, she can usually be found with her dog, Hoss.

Check out my conversation with Emily below!

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